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Coupon Eligible Converter Box (CECB)

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12-11-2012 | Posts: 3,537
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Is there one online? I have a few of those remotes lying around and I'd like to make use of them. I think the boxes had a website address on them. Does anyone know their web address (I know they stopped answering the phone years ago).
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Whew, more hassle than I thought. I 'net-searched and found the manual but oddly enough it has all kinds of references to their website for info that should be in the manual. eek.gifrolleyes.giftongue.gif Anyhow this is the site:

Scroll down to 'Remote Controls' and click on 'Universal Remote Control' then click on 'Programming Instructions.' It's within the Support tab too, I just preferred the more difficult method (lol, no I just found it that way 1st and after typing the 1st part discovered the 2nd method). More bizarreness, their site link doesn't change in the address bar no matter where one is in the site, otherwise I would have just posted you the PI link. mad.gif
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