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Originally Posted by AuralXTC View Post

From what I've read the Canadian re-mastered versions didn't get the different packaging with the yellow UPC etc. I've read that it's basically a crap shoot in Canada as to which copy you get.

Mind elaborating on these physical identifiers on the disc? Going by PQ alone isn't enough for me.... it could be the original and you just think it looks great so are assuming it's the re-master. Without an actual re-master there to compare with, PQ/visual memory isn't enough to come to a definitive conclusion imo. Also, if these identifiers are on the actual Blu-Ray disc itself... that means there is no way to tell without opening the package which voids any exchange or refund.

The reason I'm being such a stickler here is because I've wanted to pick up Gladiator on Blu for a while and keep reading about how the Canadian edition is a crap-shoot.

You want to be a stickler that's fine. I let your first post slide and answered your question, but if you haven't gathered by the prior posts that I had already done my investigation and wouldn't have been happy with an inferior transfer then you aren't going to believe what I have to say anyways and can do your own research. :/ There are plenty of screenshots that tell you what to look for both on the packaging and on the physical disc itself which does require opening the box. If you aren't sure, then don't buy it; or buy it and use the exchange program through paramount. I am in Canada, took the gamble and ended up with the remaster, and yes, I am 100% sure that it IS the remaster.

If you care to follow along, the pertinent info is as follows:
1. The disc case has a yellow UPC code on the back indicating the new packaging.
2. The slipcover of the single release should "not" have the "2-disc set" text over the paramount logo on the bottom right. (this does not apply to the dual disc Gladiator/Braveheart set as the slipcover is for both titles)
3. No security seal on the top of the disc under the heat sealed shrink wrap.
4. The Disc itself has a code on the inner ring which ends in "B1R2". This is very hard to read as it is embossed on the reflective part of the inner ring on the underside of the disc and you need to get it to catch the light the right way to read it) The original release ended in "B1R1"
5. When playing the disc on the original master the title shows GLADIATOR in black and then turns gold before fading out. On the new release GLADIATOR displays black and does not turn to Gold.
6. Search the internet/forums for screenshots. There are definite side by side examples of very obvious differences in the scenes from the original release and the remaster.

From my own impressions the new release does have some noticeable film grain, though even through critical viewing it was not a distraction. The scenes were clear and I thought the definition was good. I did not notice any of the halo's in scenes that were stated to be prevalent in the first release. I did not notice any artifacts to speak of, though I wasn't looking as closely for them as I was the more obvious issues (I was trying to enjoy the movie at the same time...) I am not a professional reviewer like Ralph and am more interested in AQ than PQ, though when critically viewing I would like to think that I can see the obvious, especially when there are more than enough examples of the poor quality picture out there for even me to tell the difference.

If anyone else wants to verify, add, or dispute any of these please feel free to chime in. I think I have covered all the info that I have come across before purchasing my own copy.


edit: I wont be posting any further followup here as there is a huge forum already dedicated to the remaster and this is getting a little off topic, but may be good for others coming to the review to have the identifiers for future reference
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