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Twilight Time and Screenarchives.com Present 2 Limited Edition Blu-ray Releases

Enemy Mine (1985)
Night Of The Living Dead (1990)


Twilight Time is a boutique brand that produces high quality, limited edition transfers of mainstream and lost Hollywood Classics.They only produce 3000 copies per title and are available exclusively through Screeenarchives.com. I was interested in the company and their releases when they put out 1985s Fright Night in a limited run of which I didn't get a copy (so if you are interested in a release, act quick!). I am happy to report that their transfers are superb and the utmost care has gone into their releases.

**At the time of posting this review Night of the Living Dead has sold out.


Enemy Mine


Based on the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning novella by Barry Longyear, Enemy Mine (1985) weaves the story of two warring soldiers: a good old American boy (Dennis Quaid) and his reptilian-if-humanoid counterpart (Louis Gossett, Jr.) from the planet Drac, both stranded on a hostile and alien world. Initially at potentially mortal loggerheads, the pair soon move from grudging cooperation to genuine companionship as they struggle to survive. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, The Perfect Storm), this intriguing blend of space opera and morality tale features a score by the great Maurice Jarre, available here as an isolated track.

Quick Specs:
Run Time: 108 mins, Audio Format: English 4.0 DTS-HD MA, Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, Region FREE, Blu-ray Disc release Date: October 9th, 2012

Quick Thoughts:
One of my childhood favorites, Enemy Mine is a sci/fi story that is an allegory for racial differences and that beauty is skin deep. The above synopsis sums the story up quite well, and looking at the film from purely an acting and meaning point of view, Enemy Mine stands up quite well these days. However, the effects and mood reek of an 80s production, and a slightly lower budget one at that. Fans will be pleased to get this on Blu-ray, but I think this one is still only for a certain audience, whom I think will love it or hate it.

The source elements must be in decent shape as I didn't notice many issues with ware on the film. Resolve of fine details fluctuates, and things can look soft at times, but when its firing on all cylinders, details can be outstanding. Grain is intact and colors look as I remember and black levels are superb. The DTS-HD MA 4.0 track is decent, thought not as powerful and dynamic as I was longing for. Explosions and dynamic elements seemed to peter out when things got rough. Dialouge is handled well, and during the rain scene the room felt like it was getting poured on from all over. Decent but not amazing.

Special Features:
· 6 Page Booklet
· Isolated Score Track
· Theatrical trailer (480i)
· Julie Kirgo liner notes

Night Of The Living Dead


Night of the Living Dead (1990)—a George Romero-approved remake of his 1968 cult horror classic, directed by makeup wizard Tom Savini—tells once again the chilling tale of seven people holed-up in a farmhouse besieged by armies of the un-dead. As the terrified little group fights for their lives, they begin to find themselves as plagued by the evil lurking within as by the ravening flesh-eaters battering on hastily boarded-up windows and doors. “Splatter King” Savini keeps things moving—and the blood flowing—as the survivors dwindle one by one

Quick Specs:
Run Time: 88 mins, Audio Format: English 5.1 DTS-HD MA, Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1, Region FREE, Blu-ray Disc release Date: October 9th, 2012

Quick Thoughts:
I saw this remake in theaters in 1990, and thought it was OK but didn't capture the feel of Romero's 1968 classic. I knew legendary make-up artist Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Friday The 13th) directed, however, I didn't know there was more to its back-story.

Back in the late 60s the films original title "Night of the Flesh Eaters" was changed to Night Of The Living Dead. Unfortunately some buffoon overlooked was the copy-write symbol when the film was changed. Public domain lent to many releases on multiple formats over the years, leading to a major loss of profits to Romero and partners. This remake was made to hopefully remedy some of those losses. Romero re-vamped his original script, was on set supervising and was said to assist first time director Savini quite a bit. Keeping this in mind 22 years later, I found it to be a fun ride with good effects, well paced and worth the viewing, just not as creepy as the original. There is something to be said for Black and White...

There is a bit of controversy over a blue filter that was added to the video. Even though this was the approved video release from the films DP and Sony, purists and fans seem to be in a little bit of an Internet posting uproar. My 2 cents is if this is what was approved, I will review it as that but give you the info needed to make an informed and personal decision. If you have an issue with the tinkering, this release is not for you. Blue filter aside, black levels and shadow detail are quite strong, as are details on close-ups. Things do get soft at times, but this isn't terrible. Film grain is apparent, but no inherent damage to the source or compression was noted. The audio mix is quite dynamic and LFE does stand out. Surrounds could have been a bit stronger to pull more scares and atmosphere out of the film, as I think horror films benefit from having more weight placed in the sides/rears.

Special Features:
· Audio Commentary with Filmmaker Tom Savini
· Isolated Score Track
· Original Theatrical
· Extensive Julie Kirgo liner notes


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I agree with you on Night Of The Living Dead, it's a solid transfer that got unfairly criticized because of the color timing changes. Too many people threw the baby out with the bathwater. I wonder if Sony avoided releasing it themselves because of the noted changes and what the fan reaction might be to those changes?

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