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oman321's Avatar oman321 10:40 AM 06-03-2011
WHS2011 software is in. Just waiting on my sata cables which should be in today. Today's activities won't allow for new to get to it, but by the end of the weekend the Solano Server should be put together.

oman321's Avatar oman321 09:17 AM 06-13-2011
So life has a funny way of getting in the way, I couldn't get to putting together the server until this weekend.

Here are all the components ready to go.

Man I really like this case, besides the look of it, it is very functional.

I didn't go step by step, it's no different than putting together a regular pc, most often you would just be adding more hard drives.

Here's an image of all the components in place.

I tried to be as neat as possible with all the connections and cable slack.
I had to add a couple of stick on zip tie holders to help, but overall the case has nice cable management, slots and tie down spots.

The device connections all worked out nicely with, the sata cables that I got were all about the perfect length. The only issue I had was with the power supply's 8 pin ATX connection. It is the one black cable that goes over the video card and across the motherboard. I will need to get an extension.

And then the moment of truth! Will it power up, or will I have to deal with the process of figuring out what the heck is wrong and is something faulty.

Of course the latter was what happened...

Well I looked everything over and everything seemed to have checked out, I finally disconnected the 24 pin connector on the motherboard and re-inserted to be sure everything was seated properly and wallah, we had power.

I then began the process of installing the software and drivers to the new server.

The install went smoothly overall, along with bringing WHS2011 up to date with all of Microsoft's update releases.

I also installed all of the drivers for everything except for the Blu ray drive (didn't get around to it). I still need to complete setup of all the finer things but everything seems stable.

Amazingly during the setup and loading of drivers the motherboard allowed me to easily unlock the 2 additional cores available on the CPU. I thought even attempting that was going to be a chore. I should never have an issue with things bogging down and media streaming to multiple devices, even if I scale back to 2 cores, but it's nice to know it's there if you need it.

This is my 1st real stab at this, or even building a computer from scratch for that matter. So now I need to be sure I set everything up to perform ideally for access to our media, storage, and backup needs. I'll try to document things as I go along but I am pretty much a noob to this, and I am trying to figure things out as I go along. Any setup tips or guide recommendations are certainly welcome.
tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797 11:33 AM 06-13-2011
From building and rebuilding a couple of PCs over the years, I'd just suggest sticking to any default settings that you can.

If you ever read old copies of PC Magazine back in the day, there would always be questions in the back from people that couldn't get hardware to work right and it would almost always be someone who tried to do something fancy. Like overclock the processor or screw around with DIP switches or IR ports, etc. Now, a lot of that has been made easier, but for the most part, manufacturers agree on the standards for a reason.

And take a back up of your basic operating system with working hardware before you add any other software. Then, take a backup once you have all of your software installed.

MOST importantly....

oman321's Avatar oman321 01:06 PM 06-13-2011
Good advice!! Thanks Tom.
RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 06:57 PM 03-07-2012
Any updates? Surely there is more to index right?


oman321's Avatar oman321 08:28 PM 03-07-2012

Thanks for the courtesy bump

I haven't had any major things happening lately. I have done some finish trim work but still need to fill some nail holes and such.

My server's power supply kicked the bucket last week so I am in the process of getting that RMA'd. I have been using that in conjunction with my WDTV Live Plus, but I am trying to find the best solution for getting my media consistently across varying devices. i.e. HTPC, laptop, ipad, android phones etc. When I get my server back up, I'm gonna give plex a shot to hopefully accomplish that.

I do need to go thru the thread to fix some broken pics and update the index. Hopefully I get a chance to do that soon.
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