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Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 04:36 PM 08-22-2010
Believe it or not, I was looking through a SW brochure on "reds" and they had a room painted using the "stolen kiss" color. I pointed it out to my wife and said I like that color. Your room has only reinforced my thinking, it looks great in your room.

lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 05:25 PM 08-22-2010
Thank you. I wanted something not too dark, but not light. It is a great color. Were actually gonna use it on one of the walls in our kitchen.


A lot gonna (better) happen this week. Supposedly the builders av guy coming tomorrow to terminate all the network and rg6 he ran. Hes to Pull cables I specified fir projector. The builder asked about the equipment hook up and speaker termination. I said I'll do those. He asked why and I asked in return, you want me to be honest? I said so it's done the way I want and I know it's done right.
They're supposed to do silenseal on all crevices, boxes, ac, wall/floor joint, one more coat of paint in theater, stain, and build deadvent tomorrow. Tile going in too. Wood flooring in Wednesday and carpet Thursday. I'll put chairs in, install projector, and connect all speakers Thursday night. I'm prolly taking Friday off to make sure everything ready for the family to cone over Sunday for my birthday. I have a bunch of fingers crossed on thus schedule.
acex008's Avatar acex008 07:30 PM 08-23-2010
Great birthday present! Fingers crossed over here in Maine for you to finish on time!
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 07:12 PM 08-26-2010
Well, it wont be ready for the party. The carpet isn't coming in from the mill til Monday or Tuesday. So, no putting in seats or screen. They've done all the woodwork and have been staining like crazy. The network is all up an running and I have put all the equipment in the rack but have not pushed it all the way forward yet. I'll work on that tomorrow as I will be wiring the rack up while I burn a day of vacay.

Oh, and the tile is done in the hallway and only lacks grout. He's waking to do that until after party because it wouldn't be sealed yet.

The wood flooring in the office will be installed Saturday.

I'll put up some pics tomorrow.
NightSkyMurals's Avatar NightSkyMurals 01:01 AM 08-27-2010
Too bad! So the AC is hooked up? :-)

Happy Birthday!
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 05:56 AM 08-27-2010
Yep. Feels good.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 08:50 PM 08-27-2010
Fibbed bout pics. The wood floor is going in Wednesday or Thursday and carpet Friday. So, maybe this time next week I'll be able to watch something in there.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 11:37 AM 08-31-2010
Supposedly I will have a complete theater room this weekend....We'll see.

But, I come with more questions....

I have the B&W DM604S3 and was wondering if I should leave them on the floor as intended by the manufacturer or if I should build some speaker stands for them to raise them. I was told...I don't remember by whom, I should raise them because of the split level seating with the riser. So, I come to you guys for advice, yet again.

If I do need to raise them, anyone got ideas, plans, or link to such info for stands for these speakers?

The riser is 13.5" tall and will have berkline 13175's. the front row will also be 13175's. The dimension of the speakers in questions are...

Dimensions Height: 994mm (39.1in)
Width: 236mm (9.3in)
Depth: 398mm (15.7in)
Net Weight 29.2kg / 64.2lb
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 03:17 PM 09-01-2010
Stereodude's Avatar Stereodude 03:22 PM 09-01-2010
You want the tweeters to be close to ear level. If that means you need to lift them off the floor, then I would do that.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 03:30 PM 09-01-2010
They should be at ear level for the front row sitting on the floor. should I be concerned about the back row, as well, or just take care of the front row and let the second row get what it gets?
NightSkyMurals's Avatar NightSkyMurals 06:09 PM 09-01-2010
Put your better friends up front. :-)

QUOTE="lawdog2k"]They should be at ear level for the front row sitting on the floor. should I be concerned about the back row, as well, or just take care of the front row and let the second row get what it gets?[/quote]
Stereodude's Avatar Stereodude 08:03 PM 09-01-2010
Originally Posted by lawdog2k View Post

They should be at ear level for the front row sitting on the floor. should I be concerned about the back row, as well, or just take care of the front row and let the second row get what it gets?

Split the difference?
Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 08:18 AM 09-02-2010
Originally Posted by lawdog2k View Post

They should be at ear level for the front row sitting on the floor. should I be concerned about the back row, as well, or just take care of the front row and let the second row get what it gets?

I think it would depend on your speakers' polar response / vertical dispersion - in most cases I think optimizing the front row would take care of the back row too. If upon listening you find that not to be the case, you could try mounting them slightly lower and tilting them back, so the line of fire is pointed towards both rows.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 09:21 AM 09-02-2010
They are floor standing speakers. I guess I will try them on the floor, like you said. But, if I need to, I can build stands for them then.

I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row before I put this whole thing together.
NightSkyMurals's Avatar NightSkyMurals 03:27 PM 09-07-2010
OK, I am not any kind of expert on this... but why can't you build some adjustable stands and then raise and lower the speakers as needed? Did that just show my ignorance?

Originally Posted by lawdog2k View Post

They are floor standing speakers. I guess I will try them on the floor, like you said. But, if I need to, I can build stands for them then.

I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row before I put this whole thing together.

lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 01:24 PM 09-08-2010
Well, I decided to leave the floorstanding speaker on the floor for now. But, I have decided to build a center channel stand. I will post up some pics of the progress this evening.

Anyways.... I went with 2x12 wood 23" long. This will give me 1" space on both ends and flush front to back. I am staining it the same as my trim carpentry. The two pieces will be connected by two pieces of 3" sch 40 pvc. the pvc will be painted flat black. I think I will fill the pipes with sand, as well. I will have to wait to cut the pipe to the height I need when I get the screen installed.

I also purchased a spike set and rubber feet from partsexpress. I will put spikes in the bottom piece of wood and then put the rubber feet in the top plate. The spikes for obvious reasons, but the rubber feet are reverse for the center channel to sit on instead of gluing or screwing feet to my center channel.

Currently, the wood is stained, but not urethaned, varnished, or laquered. It's been pouring 'round here and really humid.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 01:27 PM 09-09-2010
So, here's some pics of my currently under construction center channel stand...

The pvc mounts between the wood. Painted flat black

The wood not finished

the mounts sitting on wood

I plan on coating the wood with urethane and then screwing the mounts on the wood. I will use a couple small pieces of pipe to make sure the things line up the way they should and then mark where to drill pilot holes. I am gonna look for some type of covering for the mounting plates on those plastic pipe mounts.

Here's some updated pics of theater. I have four of the speakers mounted... The rears and side surrounds. The slap echo was loud, but they sounded good when I ran the radio through all channel stereo. I could very, very slightly hear it at the end of the hallway when cranked to "it wont go much higher" volume. I a, changing the entry door to the entry way to a solid door like the theater door itself. I think this will help with the leaking sound. I know the sound is coming from the equipment room through the gaping hole in the sound proof armor called an equipment rack.

I was thinking I could just leave the rack open and let it get the cool a/c, but I may have to close her up. I built a wood exterior for it, but it's only 1/4" wood. I may have to beef it up. I just hate the fans that come with the Mid Atlantic Slim five (the dual 4 or 5" ones in the top). Man, those things are loud in the theater room. Of course, that's with nothing else on and no carpet. I may see what they sound like when I get the system up and running. If I can't hear 'em, I may put them on a trigger. If not.... I don't know. New fans from coolerguys or whatever website I've seen 'round here.

The carpet is supposed to be in the end of this week and installed next week. We'll see. I want this thing done!

So, dead vent built to new spec except we made it the same height as the equipment rack. If I went six inches from ceiling it would disrupt a/c flow from the ceiling register.

Dead Vent (there is a 42 unit Slim 5 26" rack on the other side of that thing.)

6" dead vent grille in theater room. I'm planning on painting it the same color as the wall.

Ceiling mount for projector is up. There are two HDMI, one two pair 14 (for ir control) and one cat6(to be used with a vga balun for pc connection to projector). The light around the soffit is not that bright. My phone just liked the brightness and didn't really adjust white level. I'm gonna fix the flex tube hanging out of the ceiling.

Grafik Eye done, just not mounted in wall yet. It's slick. I'm gonna use the paired 14ga ran from it to my equipment room to control it with my harmony remote via Lutron Ir receiver and my ir extender/blaster in the equipment rack. should work well. Oh, yeah...I took it apart and painted it the same color as my walls....I stopped just short of texturing it too.

Sconces I went with.

some around the room pics. Remember, the lights aren't that beaming....stupid "smart" phone camera. Oh, the side speakers are actually just in front of the steps down... almost directly to the side of the front row seating location. I took the equipment out of the rack because it was getting to dirty, even though I had it covered. I think I wanna rearrange it a little bit too. So, when carpet goes it, I will blow out equipment, clean the rack, mount projector, put together screen and mount screen...You know, the "finishing touches."

lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 08:07 PM 09-17-2010
Lots got done today. Just waiting for the carpet to get over the last hump on the room. Carpet laid today and I've put three chairs together before I had to leave.

This isn't the carpet we had picked out. We kept getting run around from mill on our carpet we picked out per our budget from builder. It was a good quality carpet and looked good, too. But the carpet guy we went through got tired of waiting too. So the builder and he got together and pressured the supplier. The supplier cut us a huge break. We $54/yd carpet fir the suppliers cost. Man, this is some nice carpet. I'm sure glad we were getting screwed and got bumped up several notches.

The wrinkly screen is some muslin I put up a week ago when I put up the projector. I didn't want to assemble my fancy screen on raw, dirty concrete. I'll try and get it and the other chairs done tomorrow. Besides, I need the chairs in to figure out mounting height on screen.

Got a few more components to install in rack and then wire the rack up. Almost done with assembly stage.

The other pics are our new kitchen. 23x18 and 10' ceiling. Man, it's huge compared to our old kitchen.
Moggie's Avatar Moggie 09:12 PM 09-17-2010
Originally Posted by lawdog2k View Post

The other pics are our new kitchen. 23x18 and 10' ceiling. Man, it's huge compared to our old kitchen.

When I saw the pics I thought "what a cool viewing portal at the rear of the theater" ... but then I realized it was to keep the wife happy!

Nice carpet!
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 10:20 AM 09-20-2010
So, been dreaming for a few years. During that time I had been trolling several forums and digging out info on design. This is what I came up with as a final result. Still have some dialing in and final rack wiring to do. Then enjoy for a while, recoup budget, then treatments.

Gear: mounted in Middle Atlantic Slim 5-26-43 with RSH custom cut shelf faces
Xbox 360 Slim
PC with 3TB of movies running my MyMovies for Media Center (through Xbox)
Directv HR21 HD-DVR

Pre-Pro: Integra DTC-9.8

Mains: B&W DM604S3
Center: B&W LCR600S3
Surrounds: B&W DS7
Rears: B&W DM602S3
Subwoofer: Miller and Kreisel V1250THX

Rotel RB1080 driving mains
Rotel RB1070 bridged for center channel
Rotel RB1070 for surrounds
Rotel RB1070 for rears

Projector: JVC DLA-RS35 from Jason at AVS
Screen: Stewart StudioTek130G3 from Jason at AVS

Seating: Berkline power 13175 in chocolate from Roman

Camera: much better for car shows than interior shots.

lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 09:41 PM 10-03-2010
Couple new pics... Of kitchen. Almost complete darkness, iPhone with flash. I need to use my camera.

I'll try to take some pics of the theater ceiling. Almost all the blacklights are in now. Just missing a couple.

For reference, the arch is 8' wide and the island is 8' long.
Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 02:25 AM 10-04-2010
Nice job lawdog2k. Looks like the theater is just begging to have a movie watched in there. Don't be afraid to take those tags off of the berklines.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 06:23 AM 10-04-2010
Actually, I took em off last night.

Finally watched first movie in there last night, too. I wanted to wait til the mrs could watch with me. We watched star trek and, boy howdy, am I happy.

A few times I watched parts of a movie or played some hd audio discs. Needs some acoustic treatments, but man it sounds good and the picture is phenomenal.

Had volume cranked up a tad and shut the doors then walked down hallway. Only when the sub is hitting really hard can you barely, and I mean barely, hear it. I'm changing the door to the entry way yo the theater to a solid door like the theater door and this should help with the sound a little more.
Spaceman's Avatar Spaceman 09:20 AM 12-17-2010
Great job, Ronnie. For some reason, I didn't see this thread until I saw your ceiling in the Night Sky Mural thread. I'm also in Houston and am considering Jeff for a night sky. I'd love to see your space sometime. My theater is still on the drawing board, with the exception of some drywall demo. Hope to make some progress in 2011.
chainsaw12117's Avatar chainsaw12117 11:51 AM 12-17-2010
nice job
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 07:53 AM 12-21-2010
Chainsaw, thanks!

Spaceman, sometime after the first of the year you are welcome to visit. Just hit me up on here.

I got a new camera. Need to take some good pics.
lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 01:02 PM 02-18-2011
Ok...been stupid busy in the near past to really play on any forums. So, after finally wrapping up all the construction loose ends, putting people away, and continuing raising a couple are some updated pictures. This time with a much better camera.

looking into the entry into the theater room.

Back of rack with wood panels and thermostat for fans. Never has gone over 84 degrees. To the right of rack is deadvent and to the left is one old Hollywood Video dvd rack and home theater PC.

Looking at back of theater from front.

Looking at front of theater.

Front of Rack


Ceiling with blacklight

Ceiling with all lights off

Screenshots...using Scubasteves Demo disc (needed props)

Transformers 2

Alice in Wonderland

Monster's Inc.



A Bugs Life

Star Trek

Jon_B's Avatar Jon_B 03:55 PM 02-18-2011
Lawdog2k thank you for the follow up pictures. I really love your theater. Awesome ceiling, great carpet choice, amazing screen shots. Thank you for sharing.

NightSkyMurals's Avatar NightSkyMurals 04:03 PM 02-18-2011
Dang LawDog2k... What a difference a few months makes. Awesome Room! Awesome work! And, awesome pictures! Great room for a great family!
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