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xb1032's Avatar xb1032 04:38 PM 02-18-2011
Looks nice. If I move and do a theater again I may get carpet like what you have. What style/manufacturer is it?
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lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 06:03 PM 02-18-2011
Thanks, guys! It is truly an enjoyable space. Still working out some technical aspects before I get Dennis to do me an acoustical analysis.

Anyways, Xbox, I'll have to ask the carpet supplier my builder used. We had picked some other carpet out and the manufacturer drug their feet. His supplier then said he could get some nicer carpet (read more $) and they'd eat the price difference. Lemme figure it out for ya!
xzener's Avatar xzener 10:25 PM 02-18-2011

Yout theater looks AMAZING!!! It's just to bad the PJ had to drop down through the mural like that. Anyway you could build a bigger screen and move that puppy back?

Not sure if you've seen my build, but I intend on mirroring your mural for my theater room. Can't wait to finish my sofit and start painting it.

Again, beautiful room... Outstanding job.
Tom Hilton's Avatar Tom Hilton 10:17 AM 02-19-2011
Hi Lawdog,

I recently got introduced to your thread via Jeff (NightSkyMurals)---your room is really attractive and I know you will enjoy it for many years to come! I've been an HT enthusiast since 1992, and my wife and I have found that home theater is one of those hobbies that just keeps on giving.

Just last August (the 14th), we had a night sky mural painted on our theater room ceiling. That appears to be very close to the time yours was painted. In fact, I believe that Jeff did both of our paintings as part of the same trip during one of his regional swings across the country.

Anyway, we're really enjoying our mural, as I'm sure you are enjoying yours. I noticed that you have taken some excellent photos of the ceiling, even when fully darkened. I was wondering what camera and technique you used to get such good pictures? People have asked me for pictures of my mural, but I haven't been able to produce anything that effectively displays how it really looks. I would like to take some photos similar to the ones you have posted, i. e., of the night sky mural in a completely darkened environment. Would you mind describing how your photography was done so that I could get myself pointed in the right direction? Please feel free to send me an AVS private message, if you prefer.

Thanks for any help you can give.

lawdog2k's Avatar lawdog2k 12:17 PM 02-19-2011
PM coming your way!
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