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Originally Posted by Spaceman View Post

I'm happy with my Insteon setup. It's the only brand I've used for automation, so I can't really comment on other systems. I would still do it the same way, but would probably add the Insteon Hub so I could also control them from a tablet. It's not necessary because I do have control via my universal remote, but it's pretty cool (and relatively cheap).
I am also happy with Insteon... We have replaced almost every switch in our house now with Insteon, and we use the ISY994i for programming in addition to CQC Software. It is nice having 2 ways to control everything.
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Space, I have been using your entire thread as a guide and must say it has been an excellent tutorial. Thanks for all the time and effort to post it all.

Quick question since you guys are on the topic of the Insteon. I'm reading the install instructions and trying to prepare for next month when I purchase it and comparing to your pics. Is the wiring as easy as one wire from the keypad to one switch and then a jumper to each or am I missing something? I don't see four additional runs coming out of the keypad to each switch so just want to make sure I am not crazy. smile.gif

Thanks for any help and glad to hear that you are really enjoying the fruits of your labor!
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The keypad does not have a physical connection to the switches you control other than maybe if you are jumpering the power from switch to switch. It is wireless control. The keypad and each Insteon switch could be on different circuits and you would still have control once the switches are linked to the keypad.
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:face palm: thanks vanice. tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by Spaceman View Post
The front wall looked a little naked with linacoustic but no speakers, so I made that my priority this weekend. I have very little room behind my AT screen, so I'm using in-wall speakers (Atlantic Technology IWCB-727 THX Select closed box). Rather than cut a hole in the drywall and recess the speakers 2" into the linacoustic, I built 3 simple speaker boxes that attached directly to the drywall.

Hi Spaceman, this is one of your many good ideas I am planning to use in my theater. Question on the L& R front speakers... Did you consider at all 'toeing' them in? I have seen posts about one downside of in-wall speakers is they 'face straight forward'.

My thought was if I made the left side of the left speaker with say a 2x4 & a 1/2" plywood strip attached between it & the wall, and the right side with just a 2x4, then this would 'angle' the speaker in towards the center a little bit. (doing effectively the same with the right)

Just curious if you had thought about that and discarded it, didn't think it was needed, etc. My theater may be a little wider, with my L&R speakers being 10-11' apart, so that might be a slight difference.


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Hey Kevin-I did consider toeing them in, but wasn't really sure how much of an adjustment would be necessary so I decided to keep it simple. Like you, I thought about making the "outside" edge a little deeper. I also thought about constructing the "box" so it "floated" free of the wall and pivoted on a central dowel, but it seemed like more trouble than it was worth, at least for my narrow room.
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If anyone in the Houston area is looking for duct liner for their acoustic panels or front wall treatment (Linacoustic or similar), I'm selling the last 32' left from my build. I have it listed in the AVS classifieds.
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