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DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 08:23 PM 01-30-2012
Not much exciting in this post. Spent the last few days installing the handrail going downstairs. This was the last piece of major construction for the build.

Just a few pics for your viewing pleasure.....

That leaves just making the shelves for all the statues, lighted poster boxes, and an entry sign. After that I'll build some furniture for the bar/game room area; bar stools and a poker table.

mcascio's Avatar mcascio 08:34 AM 01-31-2012
Wow. What a rich looking stairway. Fantastic job!
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 10:02 AM 01-31-2012
Thanks. It's my way of lulling everyone into a false sense of security when entering the basement. Then they round the corner into the game room and they run into the full onslaught of my LOTR geekness.

But seriously, the goal has been to create a living area that anyone would want to go to and enjoy. Once my passion for Tolkein subsides or my wife says it time for something different (aka more suitable for normal folk ) its just a matter of simple redocorating as opposed to another major tearup.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 05:33 PM 02-25-2012
This is the part I've been waiting for since the theater was finished. The past few weeks I have working on constructing all the shelves for all the statues that I have. After a few trials I settled on a simple shelf design with a curved front and 1-2 brackets for support. Each shelf is hung off d-rings on heavy duty drywall screws intended for hanging stuff. Each shelf is routed with a simple roman ogee bit then spray painted with (2) coats of matte black and (2) coats of matte clear coat. Basically I'm trying to copy the look of the base of each of statues so the focal point is on the statue itself and not the shelf.

I made some minor adjustments with my layout but its pretty close to what I had planned a few years ago when I was layed up after surgery. Here are a ton of pics with some brief desciptions...

First off the Hobbit arch. CW from top, Frodo, Gollum, Merry, Sam and Bill the pony, Pippin, Smeagol, and Bilbo...

Some close ups...

Going CCW around the room next up is the Kings arch. CW from top - King Elessar, King of the Dead, Minas Tirith with the Argonath, King Theoden...

Then Treebeard...

Then the Pelenor Fields arch. CW from top - Easterling soldier, Witch King, Eowyn, Haradrim soldier...

Then a couple of statues of Gandalf the White...

Then the Wizards arch. CW from top - Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Leglolas and Gimli on horseback, Mr. Bilbo's Trolls, Gandalf the White, Gandalf the Grey...

A few close ups...

Then a Galadrim archer with the Eagle and Fell Beast battle on the window sill...

Then the Elven wall. CW from top - Galadriel, Elrond, Legolas, Arwen...

A couple more close-ups...

And finally the Man wall, Boromir and Aragorn...

And a couple of panaramic shots of the entire game room area....

Next up lighted poster boxes..
mystic_sniper28's Avatar mystic_sniper28 11:55 AM 02-26-2012
like the swords though figurine don't interest me

personlly i'm more into using swords thn displaying them
saldog78's Avatar saldog78 02:16 PM 02-26-2012
Amazing craftsmanship. I'm thinking of replicating (i.e. stealing) your idea of the media shelves that swing out under the stairs (so i can access the back of my equipment that will be residing under there). Any more pics of the hinges or molding work on those? Or even better, pics during construction?

Moggie's Avatar Moggie 02:51 PM 02-26-2012
That's a lot of dusting! Very well done, you have definitely created the atmosphere you wanted.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 04:54 PM 02-26-2012
Originally Posted by Moggie View Post

That's a lot of dusting! Very well done, you have definitely created the atmosphere you wanted.

Thanks. It pretty much matches up with my vision when I started this "little" project 5 years ago. Its hard to believe I'm almost at the finish of this thing. After this I'm going to swear off major home improvements for a while. I want to just enjoy this.

Originally Posted by saldog78 View Post

Amazing craftsmanship. I'm thinking of replicating (i.e. stealing) your idea of the media shelves that swing out under the stairs (so i can access the back of my equipment that will be residing under there). Any more pics of the hinges or molding work on those? Or even better, pics during construction?


No problem. Let me go back thru my photo's and see what I have. I'll take a few more up close of some of the details and will post them along with a sketch of the design. I'll try to get something up by tomorrow.
Bobbejaan's Avatar Bobbejaan 04:50 AM 02-27-2012
WOW, that looks just great!! Very well done.

Very, very nice.

DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 08:21 PM 02-27-2012
Originally Posted by saldog78 View Post

Amazing craftsmanship. I'm thinking of replicating (i.e. stealing) your idea of the media shelves that swing out under the stairs (so i can access the back of my equipment that will be residing under there). Any more pics of the hinges or molding work on those? Or even better, pics during construction?


I'm afraid I didn't take any in-progress pictures . When I'm in the building groove I forget to take pictures. But I did take some of them installed and whipped up some sketches to explain how I went about building the media shelves.

First off I built the carcass out of 2x6's and 5/8 plywood. Below is a basic sketch. Everything is glued and screwed together to make a strong frame that won't sag over time. I then sanded and pre-sealed the carcass. Then stained and sealed with the same material as the wainscotting. The gaps between the doors is for the allowance for the swing because the depth the shelves.

I then cut, sanded, pre-sealed, stained, and sealed the shelves and installed in the carcass.

I used standard door hinges; 3 per door. I routed the carcass and the 1 x 4 jamb material and checked the installation in my shop. Once the jambs were done I removed them from the carcass, and finished them off just like wainscotting.

I installed the jambs, hinges, and both doors. I used screws long enough to penetrate the 2x4 studs....

Once the doors were in I installed the face trim around the perimeter of the carcass to hide the dado joints. The trim between the (2) doors were made wider to hide gap between the doors.

The left side door trim was rabbitted on the back so it overlapped right side door trim.

Right side door trim rabitted on the front...

What they look like from the front when closed. The overlap prevents a gap...

I then routed and installed some roundover trim and installed on the front of each shelf....

I struggled with a method to keep the doors locked and in place when I didn't need to open them. I settled upon a simple pin method. Given that they are recessed into the shelves and below the line of sight you don't really notice them. This on holds the right side door. I clamped the door in place and then drilled thru the carcass and into the jamb.

Pulls out for opening...

The left side door uses the same method but pins both doors together....

All in all the shelves work really well. As you see from the pics I still need to putty up nail holes and other little things to dress out the trim/finish, etc. But that is the last thing on my list to do before I call this project complete.

We store our chest freezer underneath our stairs so we only have to get into it 2-3 times/month. So the pins method work fine for us. If you need to get behind yours more frequently then you may chose a more convenient method. To open the doors we pull both pins and open the doors simultaneously. If you want to open just one door at a time you need to make the gap between the doors wider to accomodate.

If you need more detail just let me know.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 08:26 PM 02-27-2012
Originally Posted by mystic_sniper28 View Post

like the swords though figurine don't interest me

personlly i'm more into using swords thn displaying them

My son says if a thief comes into the house when he is home the first place he is going is the basement. He switches back and forth between the dwarf axe and the uruk-hai simitar as his means of dispatching intruders...:

Of course I remind him to never bring a knife to a gun fight....
saldog78's Avatar saldog78 05:22 AM 02-28-2012
Thanks DJ. That was really helpful. It'll be a few months before we're at the stage to tackle that project, but if we make them and they look good, i'll PM you to show you!
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 09:39 PM 03-08-2012
So I've spent the last 1-1/2 weeks making my version of backlit poster display boxes. I picked out (3) spots along the hallway where they will be hung during the construction phase and installed (3) 110 VAC outlets to plug the lights in.

First off the basic design. After reviewing several threads I chose to go with a back loading design with a swing out door. The poster is attached to the diffuser panel with a small gap between the poster and the front acrylic panel. I tried various methods to create a diffuser panel. I couldn't easily locate white acrylic that was reasonable in price. I wound up using standard .080 thick acrylic; leaving the protective film on and then applying a layer of white shelf liner contact paper. It turned out pretty good. The few bubbles I couldn't get out had no effect on the light diffusion. Below is a cross section design with some basic dimensions.

Here is a picture of the front frame. I used embossed chair rail moulding and spray painted it in gold metallic...

The case was simple clear pine with 1/4" BC (not CDX) plywood. I spray painted the exterior in flat black paint and painted the interior white to increase reflection.....

I used 50' of LED rope lighting for the interior. On the bottom I spliced in a simple pull chain SPST switch and drilled a hole in the bottom of the case for the chain. You can't see the chain from the front and it allows me to turn them on/off as needed....

Here's a pic of the door with the diffuser panel in place, retained by simple strips of wood and screws....

I attached the door with (3) simple brass hinges and a decorative brass catch to keep it closed....

I taped the posters to the diffuser panel with small pieces of tape. I then hung the boxes on the wall with french cleats I picked up at Lowes.....

My plan called for evenly spacing the boxes along the hallway. The problem is I forgot to consider the wainscotting and handrail on the landing of the stairway . The box just barely fit . Not happy with the placement but I'm not about to go and rip it out. I'll just add this lesson learned to the "what I would do differently" thread.....

Here's what one looks like when lighted...

The hallway is not wide enough to take a straight on shot. Here's the best I can do from the stairwell. I found out when I tried to install it that the last poster (The Return of the King) was not a standard size. So I've ordered an official DS theater print that will match the other two. That should be in a week or so......

So on to the 2nd to the last thing to do. Create the official "Green Dragon Bar and Bijou" entry sign. I picked up some 4/4 basswood last weekend. This weekend I will glue up the panels. My plans are to chip carve the sign. It "shouldn't" take me more than a couple of weeks. But I think I said that before (just a few times...)

After that its onto puttying up nail holes, touch up nicks/scratches/paint marks etc.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 07:53 PM 03-24-2012

Per your PM request below is a sketch of how I constructed the walls and arches.

The top view shows that the basic wall is a 2 wall construction. The reason I did this was because I had to work around several block pilasters and basement windows on the main wall. This allowed me to have a flat plane to size and space the arches evenly.....

This is a side view.....

The arches are double 1/2" plywood with 2x fillers sandwiched between them. The 2x fillers were ripped so that the overall thickness was 3-1/2". There are 2x blockers on the bottom of the arch to help with securing the drywall. I used 1/2" drywall everywhere except for the arch section. For that I used to 1/4". To keep the drywall from cracking I soaked both sides with water to help with the bending. It took me several attempts to get it right. The arch itself is (1) piece of drywall. Each side is a seperate piece of drywall.

I hope that answers your questions. If not let me know.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 08:34 PM 05-02-2012
With spring time here I've been spending most of my time outdoors. But on rainy days I am getting some work done on the finishing touches. I've gone thru and completed all the little touch ups to paint, filling in nail holes, removing the last of the blue painters tape, etc.

Now I'm working on the sign that will be seen as you go down the stairwell. The next is a series of pics on the design. I'm just about ready to transfer it to the basswood sign. My plans are to chip carve the design into a piece of basswood

This is a Google sketch up drawing of the perimeter of the sign.

Close up of the border. The design is called a "wolfs tooth"

Here's the free hand sketch of the dragon. This is the same design as what is on the bar coasters I bought from The Warners LOTR shop.

A little darker sketch...

And a shot of the verbiage on the sign....

The basswood sign itself. It is 3/4" thick x 24" tall x 32" wide. I stained it dark green. When I chip carve it the white wood should show up nicely against the green background. Then I'll clear coat it.....

That's where I am....
Stivie's Avatar Stivie 01:03 PM 07-31-2012
An amazing collection and set up. Also equally impressive as you have done the work yourself. Any update or progress made?

I myself have a LOTR inspired home theater , but not as lavish as your.

Here is a like to my gallery thread on the Shadow and Flame forum.
DJMarceau's Avatar DJMarceau 10:54 AM 08-02-2012

Thanks. I have been in neutral for pretty much this summer redface.gif. The theater signage is the "last" thing I need to do to call this complete. Once I get a few more chores done around the house I'll make it back into my woodshop to finish carving the sign.

I just clicked on your link. I'm impressed. Very nice collection indeed. I had not seen the Shadow and Flame Forums before so I will have to spend some time to go through it..
Stivie's Avatar Stivie 10:09 AM 08-14-2012
Took your Doors of Durin design and made my own and added it to my Gandalf display.

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