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NovaBandit's Avatar NovaBandit 02:52 PM 02-10-2010
I am working on the layout of my home theater, and I'm running into an issue that I can't make a decision on.

My basement has ~9' ceilings, but on one side there are HVAC ducts. My plan is to soffit them in, and make an empty soffit on the other side of the room to balance it out (and leaving a nice place for a starfield in the future!).

My issue is dealing with placement of my surround speakers.

My LCRs are Klipsch RF7s and an RC7. But I don't think there is any way to have matched surrounds in my setup.

The opening on the right prevents me from having a large wall mounted surround... so I am leaning towards in ceiling speakers. However, the ducts on the left (in gray checks) keep me from placing them in most of the soffit. The farthest back I can go is where I have the red dot.

Do these dots look like acceptable placements for 7.1 surrounds?

Ted White's Avatar Ted White 04:05 PM 02-10-2010
Hello NovaBandit. Welcome to the forum.

I won't comment on the speaker placement other than placing them in the ceilings will broadcast the sound upstairs.
ArmyMan's Avatar ArmyMan 04:24 PM 02-10-2010
Have you thought about rotating 90 degrees, putting an
AT screen just slightly into the bumpout.
Hard to tell w/o dimensions and such but it might give you a little more flexibility on speaker location.
Of course projector and viewing distance are also important.

Tedd's Avatar Tedd 05:32 PM 02-10-2010
Cineramax's Prometheus thread uses "Voice of God" surrounds. Compete with back boxes for soundproofing.

And why not dipoles for side surrounds and hide them in columns (and have a free standing column on the right hand side)? The rear surrounds could be RF7s.
Ted White's Avatar Ted White 06:59 PM 02-10-2010
I haven't looked into this very far, but given what it takes to sound isolate things, it seems amazing that anything in-wall is soundproofed.
NovaBandit's Avatar NovaBandit 09:00 PM 02-10-2010
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Hello NovaBandit. Welcome to the forum.


I've actually been a member for since February of 2004, but I signed up with a name that I never use any more. So I decided to start over with the name I've claimed in cyberspace since this theater is going to have me posting much more!

This site has cost me a lot of money. As I've seen it put by other members here, "Ignorance is bliss (and cheap)". I just keep finding more things that while I didn't know existed yesterday, I can't see myself living without!
NovaBandit's Avatar NovaBandit 09:01 PM 02-10-2010
Thanks for the thoughts. I think I need a little more thought towards the layout as a whole, so I started a new thread for overall design here:
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