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HeyNow^'s Avatar HeyNow^ 06:50 AM 06-22-2012
Holy crap! Ain't you all growed up now Mr. 2.0! I take some time off from here and you go and build a kick@$$ tee-a-tor. Nice job Junior!
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Iusteve's Avatar Iusteve 05:12 PM 06-22-2012
Originally Posted by HeyNow^ View Post

Holy crap! Ain't you all growed up now Mr. 2.0! I take some time off from here and you go and build a kick@$$ tee-a-tor. Nice job Junior!

No offense to the rest of you but this^^ is a huge compliment. Randy is the sole reason I got started (addicted) to AVS and the bar/home theater dream. Once upon a time waaaaaaaaaay back when I was searching the net for TV's and somehow ended up on bar building plan sites, next thing you know I found AVS and Randy's build thread. Over the next few months/year I asked Randy nearly 10k questions (most of them ignorant) and he graciously answered each and every one both in my thread, his thread or PM. I actually ordered my bar rail from a local (to Randy)wood shop in West Virginia thanks to his recommendation. Randy has helped me immensely on here and many, many others. I took Randy's bar building tips and built my basement bar which morphed into home theater build 1.0. After that the addiction worsened and I decided to commence construction on version 2.0 and the rest is history. When I sought out I NEVER in a million years set out to build a bar or even a home theater let alone a 2nd home theater. I am now addicted and the only thing stopping me is that I am out of space. Thanks Randy and its great to see you still around these parts and still checking in. Maybe you will still be around here when I get to actually completing the darn thing.
Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 10:11 PM 06-22-2012
HeyNow^'s Avatar HeyNow^ 04:17 AM 06-23-2012
Yes, that's right, I'm a friggin' Rock Star. Easy Cowboy! LOL.....
kezug's Avatar kezug 04:11 PM 11-19-2012
Steve? Where have you been buddy? Or is there a 3.0 thread that I cant find on this forum? LoL!
aaustin's Avatar aaustin 05:15 PM 11-19-2012

RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 08:21 PM 11-19-2012
Love the squirrel. Perfect for this thread as the owner is a "nut".


premiertrussman's Avatar premiertrussman 04:24 PM 12-05-2012

Where are you?!?!? prolly enjoying your kick arse theater 2.0. It looks great! Hows that AE-2000 holding up for you? I'm still jealous. However the 200 is still trucking great for me...still bright as ever even on my cotton screen lol. If you are ever down this way give me a shout and stop on in.

BTW i MAYYBE getting Black ops 2 for christmas, If so I'll hit you up on live and we'll play!

I've got a new gamertag though...

Hero of Cannton

See you around!
premiertrussman's Avatar premiertrussman 12:09 PM 12-13-2012
NOW whos MIA?! tongue.gif
RTROSE's Avatar RTROSE 09:57 PM 03-24-2013
Holy Canole Batman. Has it really been since 12/13/2012 since someone has posted to Steve's thread? Really??????? You would think he would be here now at least his Hoosiers are doing so well with March Madness, madness.\

Steve you still around?


Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 11:04 PM 05-12-2013
wakey wakey
RossoDiamante's Avatar RossoDiamante 09:34 AM 08-28-2013
Originally Posted by Iusteve View Post

Alright alright ALRIGHT already.......I will get off my dead ass and get some pictures up to you my friends. But before I do please take notice to the pictures I posted above.............there is evidence of the chairs in 4 of the pics........now pay attention fellas!!

Ok so as you know I wrestled with which direction to go with my seating choice and like all my major purchase decisions it took me quite some time to hammer out. After much debate I decided to go with Roman and his tribute line. There were a couple reasons I chose these including his great reputation around here, the included 5 year warranty and the fact that I could get his seats in power recline (with "snack" trays) for the same price as the manual recline chairs (without trays and no warranty)from the other retailer. Without going into too much detail I will just say this.......I ordered 5 chairs from Roman 2 of which were damaged (not from shipping as the boxes were in good shape). The chairs were nicked in the same spot at the base of their arms. Roman quickly responded and shipped me 2 new replacement arms so that I could swap them out and be good to go. When the 2 new arms arrived 1 was damaged the same way in the same spot. Of course Roman shipped me a 3rd arm and now all is well. This appears to be something that happened or is happening at the factory as they are being boxed but let me tell you Roman made SURE to make things right with me. The best part is now i know how to disassemble and reassemble my chairs in case of an emergency.......lol. It also gave me a chance to take a look at things underneath and inside which I probably would not have been interested in doing if they arrived safely. The chairs are very well built and quite comfortable and while I did not plan for power recline chairs I am sooooo glad I got them now. The "tilt-able" headrests on the Tributes is really a neat feature and the "snack" tray (as Brad calls it)really is an added bonus. I would not hesitate to purchase from Roman again as he is for sure deserving of his great reputation on here. Anyone who is hesitant or has questions regarding the issue with my chairs feel free to pm me otherwise enjoy the show....................

And with "snack" trays (Brad)

Back row

I also got some more of the acoustic panels up and in place and cleaned the room up a bit to take some current pics.

Back row view with lights on

Left wall

Right wall w/rack

And there you have it...........and on day 7 Steve rested!!!!!

The best part is the "to do" list is shrinking by the day..............Yippeeeee time for version 3.0??????



How far from the screen and how high above the screen are your 3 recessed cans in front of the screen?

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