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dvmiller's Avatar dvmiller 11:50 AM 08-06-2013
That is a very cool looking wood stage Mike! The craftsmanship of your build and detail are wonderful. Great job!

JustMike's Avatar JustMike 02:22 PM 08-06-2013
Originally Posted by dvmiller View Post

That is a very cool looking wood stage Mike! The craftsmanship of your build and detail are wonderful. Great job!

Thanks! Yes, I've been very lucky to work with some wonderful craftsmen. smile.gif
trek737's Avatar trek737 10:16 AM 08-08-2013

Your theater is coming down the final stretch on being completed and it is looking great. Looks like we have a few things in common with a love for Aerial speakers and the same Sony projector. Those Aerial 9's look very nice on the wood stage.

JustMike's Avatar JustMike 10:52 AM 08-08-2013
Thank you! I'm tickled pink with how the speakers ended up looking on the stage. We didn't set out to try to really match colors or anything, but it turns out that Sapele woodwork, when finished with Osmo (which is an oil/wax finish -- no stain!) is very compatible with the Aerial rosewood veneer. And the Tanoak flooring has enough reds in it that it works well too.

The Sony sat in a box for basically a year, because the theater is so far behind schedule and I bought it according to when the theater was supposed to be finished. It's very very quiet, but I do hear a couple of subtle things from it that I wonder about -- whether they're normal or if the projector needs service. There's a very very quiet constant tone from the fan on low lamp. And in 3D, when the fan goes to high, there's a quiet sound that I swear sounds like a film projector gate/shutter operating. I'm not sure if it's in the fan or if it's something to do with the 1080p/24 3D projection.
sonofthesun's Avatar sonofthesun 11:08 AM 08-08-2013
This is beautiful. It's very classy and tastefully done. I'm especially impressed that you took your vision and put it to work with both the pit and all of the moving components. This thing turned out gorgeous with no expense spared. Impressive Rack. Very nice build!!
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 12:07 PM 08-08-2013
Thank you very much! :-)
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 01:49 AM 08-15-2013
Can you hear me now? How about now? Good.
Last Friday, one of the engineers from KYDG came by the house to do the preliminary checkout of the room, so that we could find any issues that might need to be addressed before the fabric is installed on the walls.

We got started at about 10am, and finished about 5, with a break for lunch, so it was quite a long day. His car was positively bursting with gear, some of which you can see in these photos.

First up was a check of the room's reverberation characteristics, and the sound isolation performance of the walls and ceiling. This was accomplished with a Brüel & Kjær dodecahedral speaker and measurement equipment.


He also performed a tap test (using a positively crazy mechanized tapping machine) to check out the characteristics of sound transfer from the floor above to the room.

Then, we measured ambient sound levels in the room using an ultra-sensitive low noise floor microphone. These measurements were done with everything off, then with various combinations of equipment operating, including the HVAC, the audio amplifiers, and the projector in both low and high lamp. I was very pleased to see that all the noise mitigation work that we've done on the room has paid off. The only area that I really think could be improved is isolation from outside (environmental) sounds. Perhaps some day, but honestly my neighborhood is pretty quiet, especially in the evening, so it may not be an issue.

We broke for lunch, and afterwards he set up microphones in each of the seating locations, and then played tone sweeps through all fourteen speakers (seven speakers, seven subwoofers) to measure the frequency responses.


When all was said and done, all the speakers are functioning properly, and it seems that the room's frequency response characteristics are as expected. We didn't find any issues that will prevent fabric installation. We did find that the two big Seaton subs up front needed to be moved a bit farther forward because they were too close to the back of the cabinet, and this was constricting the air movement from the rear woofer. And, we found that the Seatons pressurize the room effectively enough to make the picture window in the rear of the room flex visibly, which in turn causes it to make some noise as it moves in its mount. We're working on figuring out how to address this, but the good news is that it's a Marvin window, and they are designed so that the glass can be replaced from outside if need be.

Just as we completed testing of the last pair of Velodyne subs, the power went out. This was actually a great test, because I was able to confirm that the big UPSes in the rack continue to power all of the media equipment except for the amplifiers, and that they also kept the projector running so that I could shut it down cleanly. We had the Lutron blackout shades down, though, so once the projector was off, the room became utterly dark. We ended up packing up his gear by flashlight. I think I will see if we can power the blackout shades from the UPS as well. I probably should also look into some kind of emergency lighting that comes on when power fails.
jetforme's Avatar jetforme 01:57 AM 08-15-2013
Video of Mike doing his audio tests.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 09:12 AM 08-15-2013
Originally Posted by jetforme View Post

Video of Mike doing his audio tests.
jfn111's Avatar jfn111 11:19 AM 08-15-2013
Originally Posted by jetforme View Post

Video of Mike doing his audio tests.
That was great.
superleo's Avatar superleo 11:27 AM 08-15-2013

Funny, that is exactly how I find the perfect listening position... smile.gif
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 12:53 PM 08-15-2013
I have that scene bookmarked on the Kaleidescape system. I plan to use it before movies, along with the Simpsons THX "Turn it Up!" clip. smile.gif
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 01:19 AM 08-16-2013
Tonight, for the first time, I hooked up the three Seaton SubMersive HPs, put the Classé in triple mono sub mode (how cool that it has that!), did a very rough level set, and played a few clips from various movies like The Incredibles, War of the Worlds, Prometheus and Lord of the Rings.



Holy smokes.

I did find a new rattle or two. Still nothing that will affect fabric, but I definitely plan to do tone sweeps this weekend to make sure that I identify and squash them. On the plus side, I only heard the rattles during the pink noise level setting. I didn't hear anything during the clips I played. But of course they may be frequency specific and just not excited by what I played.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 12:52 PM 09-12-2013
It's a tiny little update, but a momentous one. The fabric installation is underway! :-)

Nightlord's Avatar Nightlord 01:06 PM 09-12-2013
Oh, what a lovely colour combo! Speaks of Rotel Michi to me. Wonderful!!!
petew's Avatar petew 06:16 PM 09-12-2013

I love the reveal around the perimeter of the fabric, which ties into the reveal between the panels.

Simply excellent.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 06:35 PM 09-12-2013
Originally Posted by petew View Post


I love the reveal around the perimeter of the fabric, which ties into the reveal between the panels.

Simply excellent.
Thanks! That really turned out even better than I hoped.
Elill's Avatar Elill 08:23 PM 09-12-2013
Looks great!

What is the fabric make/type? sorry if you've covered that elsewhere, I couldn't seem to find it.
Peter M's Avatar Peter M 09:33 PM 09-12-2013
Beautiful !!!

iamjason's Avatar iamjason 07:04 AM 09-13-2013
Great build the bookshelves gave me an idea for my buid....nothing like yours but bug inspiration for functionality
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 12:32 PM 09-13-2013
Originally Posted by Nightlord View Post

Oh, what a lovely colour combo! Speaks of Rotel Michi to me. Wonderful!!!

Thanks! I haven't seen the Michi in person, but I think the fabric is a bit more warm/gold than the Michi is. It's very hard to get a good photo with a simple camera. I will have to bring in a "real" camera and a grey card to white balance properly.
Nightlord's Avatar Nightlord 01:03 PM 09-13-2013
Oh, don't bother on my behalf, It's still lovely even if the colour temperature is shifted a fraction. smile.gif might be prettier than the Michi even.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 01:05 PM 09-13-2013
I do want to get some nice photos once everything is really done -- light fixtures up etc, so I will post those once they're done. I will probably get a pro to come shoot it.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 10:01 AM 09-17-2013
Howdy all,

I'll do better pictures shortly with better lighting and a better camera etc. Waiting for a few odds and ends are completed. But, this frame from my time lapse camera turned out so nicely that I thought I should just go ahead and share it. This shows the theater in "library/music" mode -- screen retracted. Suitable for 2-channel listening and giving access to the books. smile.gif

dRwOOD73's Avatar dRwOOD73 10:30 AM 09-17-2013
Wow eek.gif, very nice - that wood plank stage is beautiful..
Nightlord's Avatar Nightlord 01:38 PM 09-17-2013
That's lovely in so many ways...
HFGuy's Avatar HFGuy 03:29 PM 09-17-2013
Does it feel any different to watch in the pit vs the back row ?
Elill's Avatar Elill 03:29 PM 09-17-2013
Superb! looking forward to some more photos biggrin.gif
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 05:32 PM 09-17-2013
Originally Posted by HFGuy View Post

Does it feel any different to watch in the pit vs the back row ?

Well, the image is obviously bigger if you sit in the front row, but I find the back row image size still very satisfying and comfortable to watch. One thing that is not set up yet is the Lumagen scaler, which will be used to take a 2.35:1 image and shift it to the bottom of the screen, so that the front row viewers don't have to look up at it. I think this will be nicer, although I've watched a couple of movies in the current configuration, and it's not bad at all as is. But my masking is designed for the image to be pinned to the bottom, so I need to get this done.

The other news, and I'll write more about this soon, is that Keith Yates and his team have performed the audio calibration of the room!! biggrin.gif:D Holy crap! It's pretty amazing. I've never heard a system with a subwoofer (much less seven!) that is so well integrated. Based on all of my prior experience, I was worried that the music experience would suffer, with bass that didn't feel like it was really coming from the main speakers. But that is not the case at all. And the level of detail evident in the music is remarkable.

I have to say, the Trinnov processor is pretty jaw dropping. Between the science of that processor and the art of the "sweetening" that Keith does as part of the calibration, the results are dramatic. I'm looking forward to doing more detailed listening. Unfortunately, I've had evening engagements both days since the calibration was completed, so I've not been able to sit and enjoy!

For those of you who don't know the Trinnov, one of the things that it does is to take measurements from each seating location, and then you assign a weight/priority to each of those locations, and supply it with a desired output response curve. It will calculate the necessary processing to try to deliver that curve at every seat, but giving priority to the higher-weighted locations.

I am very interested to try a configuration in which my seat is the only one factored in. In other words, this would be purely for solo listening. I would like to know whether such a configuration is noticeably different than my current 7-seat configuration, so I know how much (if any) compromise there is.
JustMike's Avatar JustMike 05:34 PM 09-17-2013
Originally Posted by Elill View Post

Superb! looking forward to some more photos biggrin.gif

Thanks, me too! I have a few odds and ends to do, like getting the wall sconces up, the side masking system installed and tested, and then the masking/screen compartment covers installed and painted. Once that's done, I have a line on a top-notch professional photographer and I'm excited to get some really good shots done. In particular, I plan to ask him to shoot from the same locations as KYDG's renderings, so we can compare the final product to the concepts. I can tell you right now, it's pretty damned close! smile.gif
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