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12-12-2011 | Posts: 36
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So the time has come to change one of our family basements rooms into our long awaited home theater. The process started mid October 2011 when we cleaned out the desired room to begin brainstorming ideas, now In mid December changes are starting to be visible and the end in near sight . The room we have changed into our home theater is 10x20FT at one end is an open closet with sliding doors and the other is 2 doors that open into the basements kitchen. We have currently got an installer to replace the closet end sliding doors for our desired screen area and to build a wall in the closets place for the screen which has gone very well. We sketched out a rough idea for the screens wall in that we wanted to have sunken in cutouts for center channel to be covered with an audio weave projection screen of around 90inches, also to have the same although not to be covered by the screen cutouts for 2 front channels and lower bottom media self/component area.
Blow pictures are the progression of the wall build so far

Center Channel Cutout

Were extremely impressed with how the wall turned out, for access in behind you simply unscrew one of the side front speakers cutout housing and your back into where the closet once was. We have ordered the Panasonic Ae7000 and are awaiting its arrival although we saw the JVC DLA x30 beside it on display last weekend and are really debating to switch for the JVC X30. Anyone with any input on that debate would be much appreciated as we are torn between the two. We ordered 92Inch custom 16:9 EluneVision Reference Studio AudioWeave Fixed-Frame Screen - 1.15 Gain, after much debate and shopping around and seeing everything from price clubs screens :S to the best stewart projection screen. After much research and handfull of demos in all the best companies rooms we decided to go with Eastporters product you can check out there product compared to others here

For Lighting we have a total of 11 potlights controlled by Lutron IR switches

The Dedicated power for Projector at proper throw distance

Projector Cutout with dedicated power as seen above and proper 1.4 HDMI cables fished through

The Media Rack/Component cutout

Side Photo of entry door showing Mid speaker placement with fire fished and exposed through wall

And finally our 3 CenterStage Home Theater Seating - Platinum Series Power Recline chairs

Thats our progress this far with the screen,projector ordered we have a few more final touch ups and were ready to begin install. We have a painter coming in within the next week to do our chosen color and paint the roof etc. Were gonna plan on matching the baseboard for the new screens wall since the bottom is unfinished. Our equipment list is some major new pieces along with alot being brought down from the upstairs setup, Ill do a more detailed list of that as time comes where components and speakers are ready. Roughly were running a 7.1 3D 3-6 chair theater room dual 12inch Mirage Sub no longer made thing shakes our house! Ps3,Apple TV,3D blueray player,HD PVR,Monster HomeTheater PowerCenter component wise. Will continue to update thread as build continues,help,tips,suggestions would be awesome as this site has been such a big tool in helping our build!
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12-12-2011 | Posts: 16
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Looks great keep the pictures coming are you going to do any sound treatment on the walls or floor
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12-12-2011 | Posts: 36
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That is one of the things our installer mentioned last weekend. He said because its downstairs,with a hardwood floor it may echo we've been looking for solutions any suggestions would be great.
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12-13-2011 | Posts: 36
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Our home theater seats are a Beige Cream colour so we want complementing colours. We have decided to tare the laminate floor up, sometime starting next week to begin our build on our top tier theater seats risers. We plan on doing a one-two step riser with rope or pot like lighting on each step. Below photos show our couches colour, update next week with painted room/floor tear up beginning.

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12-18-2011 | Posts: 36
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Begun ripping up laminate tonight, and moving our solid oak 10000LB media cabinet (Sarcasm) and possibly broke my back doing so :P Tommrow night painter comes in to start the paint job, and our carpet guy is coming whenever we finish our raiser, most likely after the painter is done.
Pics from todays ripup/cabinet moved out of room

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12-19-2011 | Posts: 36
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Another piece of the puzzle was bought today, we picked up the Oppo-BDP93 one of the best blu ray players on the market. This was the best choice for us mainly because our pioneer elite receiver isnt 1.4 and with the BDP93 dual hdmi out that allows audio/video signals to be separate from one another. This is how we can still have 3D content with audio through the receiver and bypassing the video through the receiver and instead directly to our projector.

If anyone has suggestions on sound treatments for the walls/floors please share!
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12-20-2011 | Posts: 36
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Today we built the rear seat riser, went really well thanks to one of our good friends who has amazing drafting and construction skills who was a huge help in the build.
Enjoy the pics


Painters been sick last 2 days, comes tomorrow morning to start. Then thursday its off to cuba for the family Christmas vacation. Hopefully once were back our custom screen should be ready to be picked up painting done and all that will remain is carpet and install
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12-21-2011 | Posts: 1,710
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Originally Posted by go_habs View Post

. The process started mid October 2011 when we cleaned out the desired room to begin brainstorming ideas, now In mid December changes are starting to be visible and the end in near sight .

Wait a second - Were you not informed that it is way to early to have the end in sight? I think 1 year is the minimum build time for a theater here, Damelon being an exception. I've spent a couple months in my theater room just staring at the walls

Looking great by the way - you are making quick progress.
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12-29-2011 | Posts: 36
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Ahahaha, Thanks exciting to see the quick progres being made. Can't wait untill the first movie experience.
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01-15-2012 | Posts: 36
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Finishing electrical and insulation fill on riser box today, picked up JVC X30 and our screen yesterday along with 3D IR Transmitter and 2 pairs of PK-AG1-B 3D glasses. Ordered carpet today, painter has patched all holes scheduled for sometime next week to start painting.

Step LED rope light fishing

Outlet For rope light & 1 powered theater chair With dimmer switch

Front outlet for remaining power chairs

The 35lbs beast X30

Glasses & 3D IR transmitter

X30 Remote

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01-15-2012 | Posts: 36
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Our ordered carpet color/pattern for our home theater, we decided to re do the stairs leading down to the home theater with the same carpet that will be in the room.
The Pattern

Bottom right swatch is the color we chose

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01-16-2012 | Posts: 36
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Riser box filled(rope light not yet snapped into place)

Rope light snapped into tracks, ready for plywood

Back outlet(rope lights snapped into place)

Plywood screwed into place (finally finished! )

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01-21-2012 | Posts: 36
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First coats of paint were applied to roof,screen wall and side walls today.

Screen Wall

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01-21-2012 | Posts: 9
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Hey Go -Habs , rooms looking good. Are you from MTL ? If so, boy do I have questions for you. I am from MTL ,and was wondering where did you get the rope lighting from and the BD player how much was the shipping if you dont mind me asking. Keep up the good work , should be done soon. Lucky guy.
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01-21-2012 | Posts: 759
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How was the process of purchasing those seats through HTD?

Oh and I like what you've done so far
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01-22-2012 | Posts: 36
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Hey Larbro13 unfortunately not, life long habs fan with family living there but were just outside toronto. I actually just picked up the rope lights from Home Depot fot about 20$ for 18FT length? I believe it was, so around 40$ for 2 18FT packs to rope light the entire box as it was around 26-28FT all around and as you can see from pictures we just ran the excess back into the box. As for the BR player took us a while to find a Oppo dealer but we got it from store in markham.

EMAGDNIM the process of the chairs through HTD was pretty smooth for the most part. As I was a bit skeptical of their website at first I opted to give them a call to see if I could arrange to come into the store and test them out before the purchase as comfort was my #1 concern. At the time I assume there still running the same way you actually left a message on a machine with what your interested in etc and they'll get back to you. Sure enough the next day I got a call from a salesmen of the store/store owner not sure letting me know that coming in and testing them before wouldn't be a problem so we scheduled a date to do so. Only thing is luckily I had work that following week in ottawa where there store is located (hope ya live closer than me) went in tested them out loved them they had my color that I wanted in stock, barley fit the 3 of them into my truck and drove back home.

Hope that helps good luck!
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01-22-2012 | Posts: 36
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High res pics of HT with finished paint & pot lights installed

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01-22-2012 | Posts: 9
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hey GO habs !!! i have alot of family members in the TO area, so dont worry im a friend and not a foe .LOL Thank you for replying to me.What speakers are you putting in .
HI RES looks realy good .
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01-22-2012 | Posts: 759
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Thanks for the reply! They are out of the way for me (I live in the GTA) so I would be purchasing them sight unseen

I also like the projector choice! I didn't see what type of screen you selected. Care to share?

Oh and I see you're a Habs fan stuck in Leafs city...Join the club. I'm a Habs fan myself. My first hockey game was a Habs game. I have a TON of family in Montreal and when my parents first migrated to Canada, Montreal was where they had first called home. Heck, my dad is a Concordia alum (I went to a different university to his dismay).

My favourite player when I was younger was Patrick Roy (Since I was a goalie myself). I don't follow them religiously, but I try to catch the game if it's on TSN and follow stats online.

Enough about me, please continue with this build
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01-25-2012 | Posts: 36
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Ill do a speaker update after installer comes in and finishes everything off thursday. The screen we went with was Elunevisions audioweave Fixed 92'' Screen, mentioned it further up in this post about our comparions of screens. Had planned on assembling it ourselves last weekend when painter was in, to our disappointment it was missing tension ties and several other screen pieces. Called dave from easporters and the owner/creator of Elunevision screens let him knew what was up and how our installer was coming in thursday to finish everything, he scheduled 2 people to come to our house last night to bring the proper pieces and assemble it for free couldent be happier with the customer service/product. Plan to post some screen pictures High Res tonight, and the finished (but still carpetless) HT High res pictures friday Just in time for the all star NHL game and this weekends UFC PPV. Exciting weekend for the family!
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01-25-2012 | Posts: 3,733
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Looks nice man!

Hope your speakers don't have BSC or theyre gonna need about 6db attenuation down low.

Most modern AVRs will do that though.....

What speaks you using?
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01-25-2012 | Posts: 759
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Glad to hear that they took care of you! I'm planning to pass by there for a projector demo (They are the only place in the GTA with a demo X70 that you can see in person) and to see what they have for screens.

I can't wait to see the pictures! This weekend will be a rather nice one for yourself.
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01-26-2012 | Posts: 36
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Thanks for the feedback guys! Yea eastporters had the x70 playing when we picked up our screen last weekend looked amazing. Just ran downstairs in excitement to see the installers progression so far as hes currently now on lunch:P snapped a few more High Res pics enjoy! Speaker info and more pics tommrow!

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01-27-2012 | Posts: 419
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That's starting to look good. Have you decided what your first screening will be?
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01-27-2012 | Posts: 20
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put up some screen shots
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01-29-2012 | Posts: 36
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So the installer finished about 75% of the basement friday, enough to watch blu rays and our pvr in full 7.1 (pretty much just re surfacing outa the basement now :P). Amazing to see the nearly finished product! after these months of hard work, took some High res screenshots below. Have yet to fully screen a movie were waiting until he completely finishes monday when the 3D is up and running and projector fully calibrated.
92'' 5.1 Boardwalk Empire

Obviously had to test the opening scenes in Dark Knight :P

And finally testing some "Life" Blu ray

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01-29-2012 | Posts: 759
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Man that looks GREAT!!!

Try to finish the rest of the basement in between firing up the new toy!
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01-31-2012 | Posts: 36
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Thanks So the installer finished everything off yesterday each component properly hooked up and into its place in the lower media cabinet. I wanna wait until the carpets installed to post FINAL HT pics. We took out our home theater seats and threw down some blankets over the riser just incase of any scratches to the leather and watched our first full movie screening last night Tron 3D 7.1 and boy was it an experience to say the least! Were trying to get some small throw rugs down for this upcoming weekends superbowl party! Finished just in time Cough (Im canadian who hasent watched one NFL game all season:P) but thought it'd be fun to invite some friends and family over for food drinks and a huge sporting event. Friday I really want to aim to get 2 acoustic panels done for friday nights/saturday nights viewing of

I had asked our installer where he would start placing any paneling and he suggested to start for the front 2 speakers since there so close to the wall on either side of them alot of "info/sound waves" (Still learning terms) is being obstructed and scattered. He suggested the pink insulation wrapped in a natural fibre or eggcrate wrapped in the same fibre to dampen and absorb some of all those sound waves etc. Anyone with experience in DIY acoustic panels, I would love to hear any suggestions/comments/ideas as im still very new. There are many pictures he suggested placing the panel about 3 feet back on the walls adjacent to the front 2 speakers about speaker level.
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02-20-2012 | Posts: 36
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Still waiting on carpet and new projector ceiling mount 70%ish done, quick video tour part 1 Enjoy
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02-21-2012 | Posts: 2
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Thanks for sharing a nice collection

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