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CZ Eddie's Avatar CZ Eddie 01:11 PM 01-13-2012
Which would provide better benefits in a room with all walls & ceiling being green glued?

1) Green glue and [real] bamboo flooring (I already have the bamboo on-hand).
2) Carpet with heavy underlayment (would have to buy the carpet).

This is an upstairs bedroom and the idea is to keep noise from the downstairs home theater from entering the upstairs bedroom.

Ted White's Avatar Ted White 01:41 PM 01-13-2012
Well the GG and flooring would accommodate some damping of the bamboo and subfloor below, assuming you have direct subfloor / GG / Bamboo with no intervening foam underlayment layers. Check that you're not voiding a warranty. This would definitely be the choice for airborne sound isolation.

The carpet and pad would likely offer greater isolation from footfall impact noise, however, so if you treat the theater ceiling properly to contain the noise, I'd choose this to minimize footfall vibration from entering the floor / ceiling assembly.

A compromise might be to have bamboo and an area rug where traffic will be.
CZ Eddie's Avatar CZ Eddie 01:56 PM 01-13-2012
Thanks for the response, Ted.
This bedroom is directly above the garage. So not too worried about footsteps sound escaping the room. Just concerned about it getting INTO the room.
The theater is downstairs, on the other side of the house.

I have direct access to the subfloor and it's made of OSB on I-Beam joists.
There is no warranty to worry about. The flooring is new in the box, but a few years old.

My main concern is I'm subwoofer crazy.
I know I can't keep all bass from traveling across the house and into the room upstairs. But I want to minimize as much as possible.
Ted White's Avatar Ted White 03:01 PM 01-13-2012
The carpet would do nothing for the bass in any event, so the more massive and more damped bamboo wins.
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