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I will try to keep this short but I need to explain the room's current condition, and then what I would like to do.

I am buying a house that was built with the 3rd garage bay as a "Media Room". Size is 11'5" x 20' with 9' ceiling. The only window is at back of theater and is covered with heavy shutters. There is an 8 riser 13 feet back from the current screen wall. The current entryway is 65 French doors that terminate 3 from what will be the screen wall. The room is currently finished (paint, theater carpet, can lighting, air, etc.) and the previous owner had mounted a flat screen on the wall with a 5.1 (in ceiling) speaker set-up wired to the front wall, along with cable.

In the sketchup picture I replaced the French doors with a single 30 entry to give me some room for stage, screen wall, speakers, and possibly AV equipment (see other option below). I also made/added some scaled Fusion Jive chairs based on the Berkline 12006 footprint (it's ugly but should be accurate). I know it's tight but we really want to get two rows of 4 seats. Approximate viewing distance from 1st/2nd row to the current wall is 12.5' and 17.5' respectively.

What I want to do:
Media use will be 40% movies, 45% HD programing, and 15% HD gaming. I want to do a projector (Panasonic AE7000?), and as large a 16:9 (I will work on masking at some point) that I can do and still have a beautiful picture at my viewing distances. I am not sure how close I am to being able to do a solid screen (and frame in the speakers) or if I can go big enough to warrant an AT screen and have it all behind. I know I will lose view distance but not clear on the quality loss with AT screens.

At first I thought I could leave the existing carpet and use a different carpet (contrast) for the stage, but if my screen gets big enough, I think I am going to have to add to the 8 riser, and I might as well pull it and re-carpet.

I also plan to do a quality 7.1 surround system and deal with the issue of insulation/sound reduction. The rear wall is exterior, and with the exception of the window, insulated 2x6. The best I can tell (folks frown on banging on the walls before you move in) the other walls are hollow. I don't want to tear the existing drywall down and start over. I think I can use the existing holes/wires in the ceiling and snake my speaker wiring into place. I am also wondering if there is any kind of blown type insulation I could do, or other options.

The last problem (so far) is the equipment rack location. It will have to stay in the room. I can either build it into the stage/screen frame, or knock out and frame a rack box on the left side (facing the screen). This would be into my garage and I would just have to lose a cabinet.

I know this is a lot and I am reading my 2006 version of the theater book (been wanting to do this a long time), and surfing this forum like mad, but any help would be very appreciated.


Update: I think I am going to go with a 120" 2.35 Seymour AT screen, and am wondering if that will be too big. Also wondering if green glue and another layer of Sheetrock will work (while not ideal) for my sound issues.

Any feedback is appreciated.

petew's Avatar petew 08:32 AM 03-17-2012
I'd build the screen wall last. Get the projector running and do some testing to determine the best screen size. Build a "minimal screen wall" that you can put in place after all the construction is done.

Why don't you want to tear out the drywall? If you want proper sound isolation you will need to. Adding another layer of drywall and GG won't get you there.

Gentle nudge: You don't need to quote your entire first message, makes the thread harder to read.
Pat Sexton's Avatar Pat Sexton 09:25 AM 03-17-2012
Yeah, was posting from a new iPad, and didn't realize I was quoting until after the post. Sorry about that.
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I'm in the same boat and I'm wondering what you picked out for seating?
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With the length you have in that room if I were you I would seriously look at building a false wall with an Acoustically Transparent screen with the speakers behind it so you can maximize your screen width whether you go Scope or 16x9.
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