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cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 08:30 PM 03-27-2012
I want to use a flashing light instead of a doorbell chime for my theater room. This is mostly because I expect there to be loud explosions at times and I may miss the doorbell.

To that end, I did a search and found a lot of hearing impared doorbells...but they are all wireless and I already have a wired doorbell and chime installed. The transformer for the doorbell is literaly 20 feet away from my theater room where I will put the flashing light. Easy to run the wires for it too.

The transformer is 16VAC with a max 10Amp draw. I am looking for a flashing light that runs at 16VAC, the lower the current draw the better (to avoid having to replace the transformer to power both the bell and the flashing light.

Anyone know of a light I could use?

Or, and maybe this is a better solution, how do I hook up a wireless doorbell chime into an already existing wired system?

gregzoll's Avatar gregzoll 09:02 PM 03-27-2012
For your question on how to hook up a wireless doorbell system into a wired, find the one that you like, download the instructions. Most use a Sender that wires up to the existing system, then the receiver goes where ever. Beware that most work in the 400mhz band area.

Here is a x10 system http://www.nfss.com/xhadophnosy.html
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 09:16 PM 03-27-2012
My reading has shown me that I need to connect the new flasher/chime to either the doorbell or the already existing chime and not the transformer...so that is out of the question to use a hardwire.

I found a wireless solution I think I am going to use, quite a bit cheaper than the X10. It is the The Carlon Plug-in Extend-A-Chime. It does not flash, but the transmitter connects to the existing chime and the receiver(the new chime) plugs into any outlet. Multiple extra chimes can be added. I am then going to pop it open, plug it in, and find out what voltage is available on the board and add a light (that is if the chime itself is not loud enough).

The price is good ($32 including the shipping), so if I break it I have lost almost nothing.
BrittonYoder's Avatar BrittonYoder 11:02 PM 03-27-2012

There are all sorts of LEDs with low draw. Also check out ELK products they have a small cheap board that converts LV triggers to 120v control.
BrittonYoder's Avatar BrittonYoder 11:03 PM 03-27-2012
Somthing like this. Might not be the exact model but very close. Take a look.

cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 10:56 AM 03-28-2012
Thanks for the links, they will be very useful!
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