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I am building a theater and I would love to cut a box into my tray border to place a projector. Mainly to hide the projector and wires. I am scared that the projector would get too hot. Any thoughts? should I build some sort of venting system to cool it down? If it is a bad idea to do this I can just put the projector in front of the tray...I have not bought the projector yet. I am thinking of something similar to this:

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It's completely "do-able" but certain criteria must be followed, some of such with absolutely no fudging.

All important info:

What PJ?

Dimensions of Tray ( Depth / Height / Interior Framing)

Due to specific needs and restrictions, your PJ choices my be limited.

Factors that go into the decision making process:

PJ with Len's Shift?
Top of Screen edge's height on Presentation wall?
Throw Distance?
Available circulation / HVAC /110 ac ?

In reality, much of what needs to be done to accommodate such a "built-in" is rudimentary, common sense thinking. But of course, we all lack such at times, or are forced to make due with what we can conjure up...or that others (ie: wives) will let "us" consider as appropriate. Then....dammit....there's that 'ol Budgetary consideration to deal with...followed by whatever work ethic and skills we posses (...or our lack thereof... rolleyes.gif)

Rest assured that there are myriads of fellow members with enough good advice to get you through this sort of thing in a reasonably easy manner.

It's the wading through all the advice you'll be getting that is the most daunting challenge. biggrin.gif

OH yeah....Welcome to AVS and active Posting! Let's help ya "Get'ter Dun !!!
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If you search for threads on Hush Boxes you will find many solutions for solving the cooling issue. Just think of this project as a hush box recessed in your tray ceiling.
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Thank you both for your replies and advice. The confusing stuff with the pics is that it doesn't look like they used a hush box...It just looks like a shelf they built and have it sitting on. Can I assume that they have built some unseen venting system to cool the projector? Thanks again
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Yes definitely. Most projectors spit out a significant amount of heat and will overheat rather quickly if not adequately vented. Poor venting also has a big impact on bulb life. (If you're unfamiliar with projectors, bulbs aren't cheap: price varies based on model and you can find deals, but the ballpark is probably something like $100 - $400).

I guess it may depend on the location of the projector's vents, but I wouldn't install a projector in close quarters like pictured above without some active venting. As BIG said above - lots of options on that, some more involved than others.

MMan is right as well - you'll need to consider the relationship of the lens to the top of the screen, lens shift, etc. but those issues are not exclusive to mounting in a tray ceiling (although the tray option likely presents more constraints than a standard pole mounting situation). Make sure you confront these issues before building because you don't want to build everything and then see that...crap...the image is partially blocked or doesn't fit the screen... There are tons of knowledgeable folks here who will help you with that if you need it. Good luck!

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some projectors can intake air from the front and exhaust air from the front..3010 epson model looks like it can do this. keep in mind the manual of the projector. It will say how much area is needed around the projector while it operates.
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I have put many in as stated above the epsons fit well for this because of the exhast just follow the instructions they usally want one or two inches clearance around it. The only issue I have had is with 3d you may need to get an exteranl emmiter whenever I tuck them in like that it seems to effect the syncing of the glasses.
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