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09-06-2012 | Posts: 377
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So I'll be gutting the closet in my man room in preparation for the wet bar. I was instructed to decouple the wall by doing a staggered wall and GG and triple drywall.

The wet bar is adjacent to the second full bath and backed up to the master bath. This is where my question comes in. The shower of the master bath is what backs up to the future wet bar, there is no drywall there.

Is that a negative? Do I need to do anything with this or just go ahead as planned?
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I would do a double stud wall or use clips and channels rather than staggered stud.

You will need to add drywall to both sides of any wall, whether staggered, single, double or clip&channel.

Standard R13 fiberglass. Standard 5/8" drywall. No more than two tubes of GG per 4x8 sheet.

Also, no sense doing triple drywall unless you treat all surfaces and deal with the ventilation and door(s). Otherwise you're not likely to see a benefit since there are so many other weak links that will define the whole thing.
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