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Mazeroth's Avatar Mazeroth 09:13 PM 10-30-2012
The theater I'm almost finished with will be used roughly 40% TV, 50% video games and 10% movies. My wife will be doing most of the tv viewing and she doesn't like a very large screen. The seating distance will be at 10 feet and I hung up the old 92" 16:9 screen and she thinks that is PLENTY big. Daddy doesn't. After visiting another forum member's house last week that has a 2.40 screen I was sold on going wide aspect. I took down the 92", set up my Epson 8350 and projected a 115" 2.35 screen, which has the same height as the 92" 16:9. I put on a movie and loved it. This is going to be great! I'll have a large wide aspect for movies, then I'll plop in two masking panels to shrink the 16:9 image down to a 92" and all will be well. Hehe, friends, life can't be that easy. With the projector still running I threw on a video game, Just Cause 2, on my PC. 1080p, maxed all settings, glorious. Oh no, what is this? I didn't adjust the screen size and I'm playing on a 122" 16:9 screen and I'm in love! Then the gears started turning. I could build the following:

60" high, 106" wide, 122" diagonal 16:9 screen. When it's time for a 2.35 movie I plop in two 7.5" high masks on the top and bottom and get:
45" high, 106" wide, 115" diagonal 2.35 screen. When it's time for television shows I leave the other masks in and plop in two 11.5" wide masks on the sides and get:
45" high, 80" wide, 92" diagonal 16:9 screen.

That may be a tad too big and I was also considering this setup, which I tested and thought it also was awesome:

54" high, 96" wide, 110" diagonal 16:9
41" high, 96" wide, 104" diagonal 2.35 screen
41" high, 73" wide, 84" diagonal 16:9 screen

Has anyone done something similar? It seems like a great idea, as in the past I've had some people complain that even my 92" was too big (watching fast sports like football) so I could please pretty much all the crowds with this setup. I bet 80% of the time I'm down there it will be for video games and after playing on that monstrosity I'm not sure I could go back. For games where that big 16:9 was too big (maybe a first person shooter) I could scale it down. The room is 11.5 x 17 and will be 9.2 with four 15" subs behind a false wall. Life is good!

Thanks in advance for any input!
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BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 06:33 AM 10-31-2012
You are basically describing variable two way masking. There are some Youtube videos on the subject. Just one:
HopefulFred's Avatar HopefulFred 07:50 AM 10-31-2012
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