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amb1s1's Avatar amb1s1 06:01 PM 12-21-2012
After going to Home Depot, going back and for because I could not fit everything in my car, returning a door that I thought it was big, Home Depot guy told me that I can cut it, bring the door back and just realize that I might bought the wrong batch of Roxul insulation.
I don't see where the safe n sound in the cover, but I check on they only have one Roxul type. Can you guy please tell me that this is the same as Safe n sound.

snickers1's Avatar snickers1 06:04 PM 12-21-2012
nope i don't think depot has it but lowes does

amb1s1's Avatar amb1s1 06:05 PM 12-21-2012
This mean another trip back to Home Depot.
amb1s1's Avatar amb1s1 06:12 PM 12-21-2012
I don't see 16" batch of safe n sound. I only see 24". I just bought this for my ceiling and my ceiling is 16". I guess I can use this for my ceiling and the walls I use the 24" because I'm doing the wall framing 24" on center.
Mr.Tim's Avatar Mr.Tim 06:28 PM 12-21-2012
Safe n Sound is an acoustical batt.

ComfortBatt is an insulating batt (that's why it has R-15).

I haven't seen any acoustical data for the ComfortBatt, so it's difficult to say how it performs.

However, I did get my SnS at Home Depot.


edit: if this is to be drywalled over, pink fluffy will work.
amb1s1's Avatar amb1s1 07:20 PM 12-21-2012
This is going to have two layer of 5/8 drywall.
amb1s1's Avatar amb1s1 07:35 PM 12-21-2012
I just order online and I will picking up tomorrow morning.
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