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12-22-2012 | Posts: 36
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Drywall is going up, stage and riser are built, and it is now time to pick out the carpet.

I have seen some pictures of carpet with small Fluer de Lis designs in it. I have searched everywhere but have not had any success.

My builder found some, but they want 10K for approx 60sq yards or approx 166.00 per sq yard installed... Seems very outrageous to me.

I have looked at JoyCarpets.com they have some nice designs but no Fleur de Lis designs.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look, and how much would it cost?


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12-24-2012 | Posts: 1,391
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Check out Stanton Carpet. http://www.stantoncarpet.com/ProductBrowse.aspx?TypeName=CARPET.

I saw several fleur de lis patterns when I was looking. Also, check several of the carpet stores in your area because the pricing can really vary quite wildly.

I received quotes from a few local places for between $50 and $90 per square yard (with pad and installed) for exactly the same carpet. There is more information in my build thread if you are interested. I am very satisfied with the quality and plush feel of the carpet. A bunch of other forum members have used this carpet as well - if you want to PM me I can send you links to their threads.
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