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Stngray's Avatar Stngray 02:23 PM 02-12-2013
I live next to an Air Force base and have issues sleeping when I work nights and they are flying. I have a two story house and am looking to quiet down one of the upstairs rooms. It is a simple square room with one exterior wall with a sliding double paned window. My plan so far is as follows:
-Build a double stud wall on the exterior with a 1 inch gap with R-13 in both inner/outer frames. DD+GG drywall.
-Build a slide in window plug mimicking the inner walls construction. May eventually put in a inner soundproofing window.
-Do staggered studs 24" OC on the interior walls with R-13 and DD+GG. I don't want to use clips here for the hanging stuff up issue, and double stud would cost too much floor space.
I have questions regarding the ceiling and floors. I am willing to rip up the subfloor. There is an attic above the ceiling with easy access. The only two penetrations I will have are HVAC supply and return.

-Should I use clips and hat channel or install lowered joists on the ceiling or just go with DD+GG on the existing joists?
-Should I install sub flooring in the attic? If so, one layer or two with GG? Would this create a triple leaf with the roof above? The attic is well ventilated, so I am currently thinking it doesn't count as a space.
-What can/should I do to the floor?

Cost isn't really an issue here, I will just spread out the construction if I have to.
TIA for any advice.

jautor's Avatar jautor 03:30 PM 02-12-2013
I suspect the window is where you should be placing all of your focus first. Something "special" more than a typical builder double-pane model - I'd talk to a window pro before spending a dime on the rest of the room shell.
Stngray's Avatar Stngray 03:55 PM 02-12-2013
I agree the window is the weakest part. I am hoping the window plug will work.
jautor's Avatar jautor 04:34 PM 02-12-2013
Yeah, if you can build a plug with a tight fit, and are ok with that solution, I'd try that before doing anything to the walls.
Stngray's Avatar Stngray 04:39 PM 02-12-2013
Already torn down to the studs, lol.
jautor's Avatar jautor 05:58 PM 02-12-2013
Originally Posted by Stngray View Post

Already torn down to the studs, lol.

Stngray's Avatar Stngray 08:43 PM 02-12-2013
Does anyone have any suggestions about my floor and ceiling?
Stngray's Avatar Stngray 11:03 PM 02-13-2013
Anyone? I'm leaning towards clips and channels for the ceiling, and leaving the floor until I can attack the master bedroom underneath.
warrenP's Avatar warrenP 11:41 PM 02-13-2013
Originally Posted by Stngray View Post

Anyone? I'm leaning towards clips and channels for the ceiling, and leaving the floor until I can attack the master bedroom underneath.

This is good. Since you have access to the area above, you can get up there and add as need be, so that is nice. Also, check out Ted White on the forum here, he will be able to offer excellent advice. He is a go-to guy for all things like this, it is worth your time to get in touch with him.

We have two Air Force sites near us, and I love watching them fly. I'm far enough away that the sound doesn't impact, other than the flyover now and then, but I sure understand wanting to quiet the bedroom!
Stngray's Avatar Stngray 04:23 PM 02-14-2013
I like watching them fly too. Just waking me up when I am sleeping days about kills me.
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