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You can use something like this from Monoprice that will let you extend usb up to 150 feet. Typically you can only run usb uo to 15 feet unless you have a booster.
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Originally Posted by JamesB77 View Post

You can use something like this from Monoprice that will let you extend usb up to 150 feet. Typically you can only run usb uo to 15 feet unless you have a booster.

yeah i was just looking at that. It says it only does USB 1.0 and 1.1 though. Will that work for things like game controllers, or whatever else I would have plugged in there?

Gahh, i hate ordering cables... 30' HDMI or 40' HDMI.... i guess too long is better than too short.
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Not sure - I didn't look that far into it. I ran this (USB 2.0, Kinect compatible) to the front as I think the only thing that will be at the front of the theater requiring USB will be Kinect. If I hvae any controllers that need USB ill run some extenders through my riser.
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Gosh, I love Monoprice.
Just ordered $1200 worth of cables (by FutureShop prices) for $285 from Monoprice, including shipping to Canada.
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Oh ya, I was going to mention - one of the main reasons for not doing conduit to the screen wall is that i would have to run it against the joists for about 25', and that would just be a PITA to do. Can't do a solid conduit through that many joists (unless you have a coupler every 2 feet...), and it would be incredibly difficult to fish anything through 30' of flexy conduit.
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This stuff isn't bad to work with. A little stiff but I believe you can feed it through without too much difficulty.

Conduit to the front is very important in my opinion. Had I not been limited in space where I needed to run it I would have done it myself. I've already thought of things that I may want to pull to the front of the room and now I will have to get creative to do so.
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You could run it in the ceiling joists even though it'll be a pain in the ass. What about in a soffit?
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04-14-2013 | Posts: 821
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Welp, I'm going to consider this weekend successful. We got about half a foot of spring snow since last night, So I've been holed up in the basement as much as possible. It's a good think I got my Home Depot run in yesterday...
I just about finished the rough-in electrical this weekend. I ran out of wire; need to buy a bit more, and I still need to:
-Run wire from Sconce #4 to #5 and from #5 to #6.
-Run a wire from the theater switches to the riser light (not going to do this until after rough-in inspection)
-run a wire from theater switches to rope light junction box (after rough-in inspection)
-run a wire from a bedroom plug-in to the AV rack for a thermostat, then to the AV Rack fan (after inspection) - Side note - It is incredibly difficult to find a line-voltage cooling thermostat up here in Canada-land. we don't do attic fans apparently.
-Run a wire from panel to steam shower (after inspection).
Why after inspection you ask? I can't get the appropriate gang boxes up in these areas until I get drywall up and/or riser built, so I cannot properly terminate them for rough-in inspection.

For the time being, I have wired the theater switches as if I will just be putting in regular switches. I figure this is better for inspection... less questions.

Got my Sconces up... kinda. they will come down after inspection, then go back up after first layer of drywall. 1 layer of drywall + 1" acoustic treatments = regular box depth.

Also tied everything into my sub-panel

I started (and almost finished) the work on my HVAC as well. I moved one heat run from the theater to the bathroom. Then added 2 new ones (kinda tough to see), one for the theater and 1 for the back room.

Theater run going down the hallway - i tried to send it back and forth a little bit

and dropping into the theater room.

I pulled out an existing heat run into the back of the theater, and replaced it with flexy insul-duct. Also weaved it a bit.

I need to buy another run of insul duct for the return. I've already installed the take-off, I just need to attach the duct and drop it into where the soffit will be. Also need to cut a return in the back room, but that'll be easy.
And on top of that, I started running conduit. I've got my 1 1/4" conduit from the AV rack to the PJ. I'm going to wait until my HDMI cable gets in before I secure it all down.,.. I'm not convinced it's big enough. Also got a 1 1/2" conduit partially run from the AV rack to the screen wall. I've got it dropping into future-soffit right now, I will run the rest after drywall. I'm happy with the size of this conduit.
In the AV rack - still need to add a sweeping elbow to bring the big conduit down

Coming down into the soffit

Conduit running along the bedroom bulkhead

At the PJ

Time for supper and some TV. Hoping to get one or 2 more things finished up completely in the next 3 days, before we are off for holidays.
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05-01-2013 | Posts: 821
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Back from vacation, and in the last 2 days all I've managed to do is spend money... Ordered the shower steam generation unit and control, ordered the underfloor heating coals and control, and ordered some other misc bathroom stuff. EDIT: and I also ordered my grafik eye!

Now I'm looking at the box extenders that Big recommended:
Originally Posted by BIGmouthinDC View Post

Adjust them out for the drywall only, then use additional box extenders for the last 1 inch when the time comes. Put the putty pads on to an imaginary line where the back of the drywall will sit.

I like these:

$160 to ship $22 worth of extenders to Canada. How does that even make sense? I guess I'll look elsewhere for the same product.
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05-02-2013 | Posts: 256
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Couple of questions.
Who did you order your Graffik Eye through?
Have you thought of shipping a bunch of things to the border and going to pick them up? I've done that one so far and will probably end up going a couple more times before my project finishes.
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05-02-2013 | Posts: 821
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1) Online site called Electric Supply
Hopefully it works out, I'll let you know. I also ordered some other stuff through them, they seem to have a pretty good selection of things.

2) I have thought about it, but haven't done it. To get a PO Box, spend $80 for a tank of gas to go there and back, and 6 hours of my life.... I'd have to be saving some serious money. I haven't ordered anything that would be worthwhile to do this.
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05-02-2013 | Posts: 256
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Thanks for the link I'll have to check them out for my graffik eye and other dimmers.

You don't need a po box in the states if you don't want to open one. There are two storage companies, At the Border Storage and Montana Shipping Outlet, in Sweetgrass Montana that will accept packages and hold them for you. They charge $5/box for the first 90 days. The time I went down I got pretty lucky as I was bringing back about $800 worth of stuff and just got waived through.The savings on shipping, duty and tax were more than worth it but it is a day's worth of your time to get there and back..
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05-02-2013 | Posts: 821
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Got my electrical rough-in and framing inspections booked for tomorrow.... I sure hope I pass....

Only have about 10 mins of work to do tonight to finish off the electrical - buy and install 2 60A breakers (main and sub-panels), and run some 6 ga wire from one to the other.
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05-02-2013 | Posts: 233
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Great Progress!
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05-03-2013 | Posts: 821
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All right! Both inspections passed, with only a couple minor things noted, not even written down. Moving along!
Just about have all the low voltage run, will be done by lunch time I hope.
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Have you been able to find any local suppliers? If so how do there prices compare?
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05-03-2013 | Posts: 821
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No, I ended up calling and they were able to ship the order for something like $13 via regular USPS. So I ordered through them, and am awaiting delivery.
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This is a very interesting thread to me. It's going to be very similar to the work I have ahead of me. I think I'll be reading and re-reading through this to get ideas and inspiration.

Next step for me is routing all the electrical and plumbing up inside the floor joists so that I can get a lot of my ceiling back.
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05-06-2013 | Posts: 821
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It's been a while, but it's time for a real update. Made some pretty good progress over the weekend:

As I mentioned, electrical rough-in inspection was passed, and my panel area now looks neat any tidy, for the most part:

Also ran all of the non-conduit low voltage wiring. This includes:
-3 coax from panel to AV Rack
-6 Cat5e from panel to AV rack
-1 Coax and 1 Cat5e from panel to back room.
-1 Coax and 1 Cat5e from panel to bed side of bedroom
-1 Coax and 1 Cat5e from panel to door side of bedroom
-speaker wire from AV rack to each of the 4 surrounds
-2 Cat5e from AV rack to riser.
conduit going to PJ and behind screen, so I will run all those lines later.

Here's all the low voltage coming in to the panel area:

and running through the ceiling:

and coming into the AV rack

Also got my AV rack fan installed. You can see the duct dropping into the AV rack area in the above photos, and the actual fan is located way back in the back room:

Didn't take a pic, but I also tore apart the theater room switches box, and installed 1 of the boxes required for a 2-box method of wiring the grafik eye. Waiting for my 4-gang box to arrive before I wire that all back together. I ran wires for my riser lights, and soffit rope lights, so with that all of my wiring and low voltage wiring is done. YAY!

Let me be the (probably not) first to say that working with putty pads is fun, but messy as hell. Sucks to clean your hands off afterwards. Interior boxes nice and easy:

Exterior boxes not so much. I ended up playing around with the best way to handle those pesky vapor barrier hats around the boxes.
-put on a single gang hat, essentially cut it off, apply putty pad, tuck tape the hat back together - this worked ok, but is kind of a pain.
-apply putty pad with box detached from the wall. then slip the hat over top the puttied box, and screw to wall - this did not work well, as the hat was much too tight to fit on with the putty, which the hat sticks to. I would not recommend.
-apply the putty pad over top the hat - easy to do, and in theory i think it should work just as well, but I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about it. since the putty is attached to the hat, and not the box, it moves around quite easily. I worry it may detach and unseal itself.
-buy a 4x4 square box hat. This gives plenty of working room on all sides of the box. Cut a slit across the top of the box to add a little more working room. apply putty pad, tape the top of the hat back together - I found this to be the best solution. Gives a great seal, easy to do, and doesn't destroy the hat.

After all this, we spent most of Sunday cleaning and tidying the basement, and got all the insulation back in the wall. Don't have all the vapor barrier up yet though, so i had to lock the cats out of the basement (apparently my cats like to eat insulation....). I'll get some pics of the nice tidy basement tonight or Tuesday when i get back down there.

On the to do list before we get to drywalling:
-build pot light backer boxes
-block off the window - still debating whether I just frame it off, or build a removable plug....
-install clips and channel to the theater ceiling.
-insulate theater ceiling and interior walls
-and still have a bunch of bathroom plumbing work to do... one of these days.

I'm hoping to get the drywall delivered before May long weekend.

That's it for now.

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05-06-2013 | Posts: 821
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Got a bit of the vapor barrier done tonight, should be able to finish it off tomorrow. Here's some pics of the basement as it looks today:

Looking from the back to the screen:

From the screen to the back:



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Looking good, update pics are always fun. smile.gif
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05-13-2013 | Posts: 821
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No pics yet, but a quick weekend update:
-started work on the deck rail - will finish next weekend.
-got the lawn ready for summer, installed an extra sprinkler head where I had a dry spot, did some yard work
-built the outside layer of 9 backer boxes for my pot lights. Built out of 5/8" MDF. Still have to cut the inside layer for all of them, then put it all together with green glue.

I still have about a week of random stuff to do before I am ready for drywall, so I plan to get that all done by the end of the long weekend. Then get drywall installed next week, just in time for alother week of vacation.

Off to golf!

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05-17-2013 | Posts: 821
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Will get pics on the weekend....
Throughout the week, got a bit of work done:
-All insulation and vapor barrier is now done
-Got my last wall in the bathroom framed up (second set of studs along the exterior wall, so the water lines aren't running on the exterior concrete wall).
-Got my Grafik Eye wiring done. Did the 2-box method, so I've got a 3-gang box outside the theater with all my junctions in it (will be covered by a picture eventually), and a 4-gang box in the theater room with exactly the right number of wires running to it.
-Ordered Door seals and the automatic door bottom from the Soundproofing Company, along with a couple extra IB-3's that I will need to hang the backer boxes.
-Received my Grafik Eye in the mail!! Of course, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency wanted their share for it....

Planned work on the weekend is fairly weather dependent, but my list of things to do is:
-Finish up backer boxes
-Install whisper clips and hat channel
-Finish busting up bathroom concrete, and do bathroom rough-in plumbing
-Maybe think about building a door jamb for the theater door. I think I've decided that I'm going to get a door threshold cut out of the same stuff we are using for the counter tops. This should look nice, and will function good with the door bottom seal.
-I still have to block off the hallway ceiling to accommodate drywall installation... I guess i should do that too.

Ugh, why can't the work day be over now?
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Picture time.
It was a very busy weekend. Went for a hike, swapped tires on the SUV, pressure washed the garage floor, did some golfing, and:
Finished the rail on the deck

Got the clips and channel up, and got 2 bags of insulation in the ceiling

and from the screen wall:

Backer Boxes built last weekend, still need to cut and install the inside layers:

Junction box for the Grafik Eye

And the 4-gang where the GE will be mounted. You can see my fancy color coding. I'll describe the GE wiring a bit more at the end of the post.

Also finished busting out the concrete in the bathroom. I have rugs in there so the cats don't confuse the holes with litter boxes.

Regarding the GE wiring; I used a 2-box method, where all the wires run into a junction box, all the connections are done there, and then i run a minimal number of wires to the 4-gang box that the GE will be mounted. I have color coded the wires running from the junction to the GE box using electrical tape, so that i can tell what is what. In all cases, the zone 1-6 wires coming in are the hot wires (ie normally black), but since I am using both white and black wires from the pairs, i have colored them to avoid confusion. A wiring diagram would look something like this:

I also cut all the blocking that I will need for the hallway ceiling, I just need to get down there one night this week to install it all.
This coming weekend, as long as the weather holds up and I can get outside to cut, I will finish off the backer boxes and get them installed. If not, I will get on the plumbing in the bathroom, see how far into that I can get.

Still on schedule to be totally ready for drywall delivery on the 29th.
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05-21-2013 | Posts: 272
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That's a nice looking deck. Nice work on the GE wiring with the secondary box, something I should have considered. I've kept our cats from coming downstairs for fear they'll get into trouble or find their way under the house. They are certainly curious creatures.
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05-21-2013 | Posts: 821
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Thank you. Got the yard done last summer; we had someone else in to do most of it, but we did the deck ourselves. Some pics from when it was first done:

Yeah, the cats have been a big help down there

Unfortunately we don't have door to the basement, so we can't close it off (within reason where we still have good access).

Oh those crazy cats

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05-21-2013 | Posts: 272
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Cute cats:) Nice backyard, I really like the pavers edging the lawn. So the housing market is doing ok up there? Seems like several others on AVS from that area have new homes.
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05-21-2013 | Posts: 821
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Yeah. the pavers are awesome - functionally too, because you can just run a wheel of the mower along it, no edging needed.

Alberta and Saskatchewan are both going pretty strong still, the oil business is a wonderful thing. However, there is always a minus along side a plus... Economies going strong and things being expensive often go hand in hand....
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05-22-2013 | Posts: 821
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Last night's progress:
-Got about 3/4 of the blocking done (still need to open up the cold air return to install the blocking inside there)
-Moved the PJ conduit which was coming down right on top of a Hat Channel
-Putty Padded the PJ electrical box, now that I know the exact ceiling height.

Doesn't actually sound like a lot when I type it out....
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05-27-2013 | Posts: 821
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Weekend update time again.

Got back to finishing up the backer boxes. It finally stopped raining for a bit, so i was able to get out and cut what i needed:

Work station set up:

Action shot

Finished box

Times 9

Apply some acoustic sealant. Wait a minute....

Go to Home Depot, try again:

And, done

Spend over an hour figuring out the best way to hang a single box....

I opted to use only 2 clips per box, being that my boxes are fairly small, and each clip holds something like 35 lbs. I knew that this wouldn't be the most stable design on it's own, but i figured that once you get the drywall up, sealed to the box via acoustic sealant, it wouldn't be moving anywhere.

Wire hole drilled, one clip installed x9:

Second clip installed x9

No pictures, but I also got the rest of my blocking finished up and ran some wire along my vacuflow system. On to the bathroom, where I finished up my in-ground rough-in plumbing. Toilet:

Shower (up), and bar sink (right)

Bar sink vet running up and around back to the vanity vent:

And with that I was able to cross a couple more things off the list

On Wednesday, I am getting A/C installed, getting drywall delivered, and getting my in-ground plumbing inspection done. By then, I need to mount the remaining 8 backer boxes, add an extension ring and putty pad to a smoke detector in the theater room, and... that's it. After AC is in, I will need to do an hour or so more vacuflow work. Should be all ready for drywall after that!!

Hopefully one more update to come before vacation time.

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