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Dallasite's Avatar Dallasite 10:54 AM 03-13-2013
I know I'm under the gun on having to go space savers. Would love to get four into my theater space.

Width of the room is 14'4 (172 inches), and i've got a door on one side (to go to a bathroom), and open entry on the other side (top of stair case, no door, but entry into the media room).

Best I've been able to come up with is the Lane 175s. In either a four curved or four curved loveseat configuration....

Four curved comes out to overall dimension of 129", that leaves 43" total to work with on both sides.

Four loveseat curved comes out to 122", with a 50" gap to work with.

Is this feasible? I was thinking that 24" was the bare minimum for each side with media chairs, and given that it's either loveseat or go down to three chairs.

Chairs are going to be nine feet back from an 84" screen.

Thanks in advance.

AirBenji's Avatar AirBenji 11:27 AM 03-13-2013
Yes you can absolutely pull this off; it may not be 100% ideal but it is certainly workable. You can cheat a few inches to one side if you know there is one side you'll use more frequently than the other. There are also some other seating options out there. A row of 4 Palliser Blades/Bullets with a middle loveseat is 114" wide and is about the same price. (Add 6" for an additional armrest/4 single seats.) Curved rows are wider.
jedimastergrant's Avatar jedimastergrant 01:51 PM 03-13-2013
Have you considered more traditional fold down theater chairs? They are around 20-22 inches across. No footrest but still comfy.

What are the other dimensions of your room? Can you fit 2 rows?

The closer you get to the walls the worse the sound will be or so I have heard it said on these forums.
stevegravley's Avatar stevegravley 02:50 PM 03-13-2013

You might want to also consider the Fushion Jive seats.  The same config, curved, with a love seat in the middle is only 115".  You can order a removable armrest for the middle seats if you like to have the armrests.


I have a little less space than you and these are the seats I'm getting.

greedo's Avatar greedo 02:54 PM 03-13-2013
A straight config of the Jive (|0|00|0) is 109". I've been flipping between that and the curved ones.
Dallasite's Avatar Dallasite 10:58 AM 03-14-2013
Thanks for the suggestions so far. I think curved seating is a must given the room, dimensions, and distance from screen.

I should have probably provided room dimensions -

14'4" wide, by 13'10" deep.

One side of the room has a door to the side bathroom.

Other side of the room has a 4' wall extending out from the screen side, then an open space to the side (open space leads to a little cubby area and also the stairs down to the first floor.

Image is attached (just did something real quick in Paint, sorry). Screen is already mounted, I've got TVs on either side, so that was the driver putting it on the wall selected.

BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 11:38 AM 03-14-2013
If you flipped the screen wall you wouldn't have as much of a problem fitting in the four seats. You wouldn't be coming down the stairs and be faced with the side of the chairs blocking your path. on Curved Configrations keep in mind that they are a bit wider.
vikgrao's Avatar vikgrao 10:21 AM 03-15-2013
+1 for Fusion Jive. It does not have lighted rails or cup holders though. But price is way cheaper than others.
landshark1's Avatar landshark1 12:22 PM 03-15-2013
I'm using Palliser HiFi, with a love seat at the middle, |O|OO|O| it's only 116" wide. 4 individual chairs, |O|O|O|O| will be 122". With 14' 4" width to play with, I think you'll have no problem to fit 4 recliners there as long as you are not picking the widest chair.
mtbdudex's Avatar mtbdudex 02:01 AM 03-16-2013
My room is 14' 6" wide, my 1st row has 4 with love seat in middle, absolutely no problem and I have 4" of acoustic panels on each side also

I have them slightly biased to the LH wall by a few inches off center, to give walk in space as my HT entrance is on the RH side as you can see.
Berkline 12006's via avs store Roman

I'll have to contact Roman to see if he will sell me some of these trays and the insert for them, I'd live to add them to my chairs I got from him 2 years ago - I'll post this in the forum he frequents

gregzoll's Avatar gregzoll 03:41 AM 03-16-2013
You would be lucky to get three in that width, two with the fact that you have that door way.
greedo's Avatar greedo 08:50 AM 03-16-2013
Originally Posted by vikgrao View Post

+1 for Fusion Jive. It does not have lighted rails or cup holders though. But price is way cheaper than others.

The jives do come with cupholders.
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