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Tower 11 50.00%
Bookshelf 5 22.73%
Other 6 27.27%
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davdev's Avatar davdev 12:23 PM 05-03-2013
Hi All

I am not looking for a debate as to which are better, I am simply curious as to what people in the builder forum have actually used in their dedicated spaces.

So, please let me know.

And since I know most people probably have some sort of bookshelf for their surrounds, for the purposes of this poll, only include your LR mains

Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 12:28 PM 05-03-2013
Bookshelves - well, they're 27.5 h x 17.5 w x 16.75 d, so I guess more like monkey coffins.
BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 02:36 PM 05-03-2013
Not sure how you would categorize a speaker that needs to be raised but has a 15 inch woofer. other?
Brad Horstkotte's Avatar Brad Horstkotte 03:22 PM 05-03-2013
monkey coffin smile.gif
yaomizzle's Avatar yaomizzle 08:09 PM 05-03-2013

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FOH's Avatar FOH 09:20 AM 05-04-2013
Essentially towers, as they're Seaton Cat12C mains, on the integrated stand. They're 38" tall, without the lower section.

These aren't mine, however here's an image from a previous shootout GTG thread;

So, call 'em what you want, I call them towers, but given the right bookshelf, ... smile.gif
pioneertop's Avatar pioneertop 09:52 AM 05-04-2013
i build these L/R mains...
Jim Cutter's Avatar Jim Cutter 12:24 AM 05-28-2013
I have Energy APS 5+2 towers & love them! biggrin.gif

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