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cristenen's Avatar cristenen 04:44 PM 05-21-2013
Long story short, we received a nice tax refund and decided to turn our spare bedroom into a personal HT for us to enjoy.

Attached below is a layout of the bedroom. It's a little annoying that there is a closet there but there isn't an option to tear it down. Is it even worthwhile to attempt to do much with this small layout? I was thinking about putting the PJ in the closet but not exactly sure if its an ideal situation.

The room is currently hardwood but we plan to have it carpeted in the next few days. The windows can and will be covered so I'll have control of the lighting situation. What are your thoughts?

Tedd's Avatar Tedd 04:34 AM 05-22-2013
Where is the entry door? On the angled wall?

Could the closet be removed, to lengthen the room? might give you some inspiration.
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