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tmcck's Avatar tmcck 01:20 PM 07-19-2013
I have 2 rooms i can use as a home theater in my new house.

first room is a bonus room with clipped ceilings. the room is 20X12. because of the clipped ceilings i cant have a fixed screen. i have to hang a pull down screen about 6 feet feet from the end of the room. there is nothing behind the screen since it's out about 6 feet in the room. the walls are beige and there are 2 windows.

the 2nd room is an extra bedroom that is 13X12. there is 1 window and the walls are dark. i can hang a wall mounted screen in this room.

which room would be better.

My projector is a JVC 4810.

Spaceman's Avatar Spaceman 02:19 PM 07-19-2013
What are your seating requirements? If you want/need more than 4 seats, you'll want to use the 12'x20' room. How high are the walls in the 12x20 room? Can you post some pics?

Windows can be plugged or covered and paint color can be changed, so I wouldn't worry to much about those. Will this be a dedicated theater room? What are the existing hvac configurations in each room and how easy would it be to make modifications (add a return if one isn't already there)? Will you be soundproofing the room? If not, is one of the rooms more remote relative to other bedrooms/living spaces?
tmcck's Avatar tmcck 05:32 PM 07-19-2013
this will be a dedicated room. the room over the garage has low ceilings. there are knee walls that are about 4 feet tall and then angle up to 8 feet. but the 8 foot part is only about foot wide.

there are hvac vents in both rooms.

i only need 3 seats at the most.

both rooms are finished with drywall and paint so soundproofing is probably out. but it's just my wife and i so it's not really an issue.

i'll get some pics of both rooms.
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