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08-13-2013 | Posts: 35
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Now that things are back to normal, I figured I should update everyone...
The wall applications of the theater are now completely done. Just to reiterate, we did NO soundproofing (other than foam on the wall)
The construction of the room is solid block with drywall over it. We weren't worried about sound going anywhere other than that room.
Acoustical treatment formed from the curtains and fabric on the walls. Sounds like a cubicle.

When bringing in the pallets, I found a little widow that thought she could sneak in the house: NOPE!

As for the rest of the room:
After moving furniture back in I have extremely limited room. My couch is way bigger than I thought, along with my riser. I've decided that since we will only be here for 1 - 2 years, I didn't want to stick anything extra in. I am going to keep my beautiful pallets for the next place.

With that being said, The riser was moved into place. Got some R-19 and stuffed it full. BOTH RISERS GET INSULATED AND DECKED

Once the pallets were down, we put an extra layer of OSB down on the floor. They took 5 sheets combined. It was on sale for $12/sheet
Home Depot Black Carpet 6' Roll was on sale so I grabbed 25 ft.
So far I have around $250 into this riser WITH carpet. I'll do a budget update later

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08-14-2013 | Posts: 329
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Coming together!! Glad you're feeling better... smile.gif
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08-17-2013 | Posts: 35
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Almost done. Not the best at updating lately due to working on the room. I also made the mistake that I see tons of people do: hooked up my gear before the room was done. We're 7 movies deep.

Anyways. For a little update... when I left off, I had put down a second floor, stuffed with insulation, and beginning wrapping.

Finished carpet and installed plug-n-play low-volt stair lights. EXCELLENT effect and the perfect brightness. Couldn't ask for anything better. There are 7 of them.

Even though I have temporarily hooked up equipment, I still need to build a center channel shelf, box, or some way to hold this monster. This 8" sub is really putting a hosing on this shelf!
I will also need to finish the LED lighting across the ceiling, finish bi-wiring, and drop the left surround from the ceiling. Who knows how this will be accomplished? Ideas?

Black Carpet wrapped on the risers

Sofa slid back in place

7 Low-volt step lights

will post more pics tomorrow
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08-18-2013 | Posts: 1
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Looking Great!
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08-19-2013 | Posts: 329
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Wow, love those stair lights! Looks so professional!
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08-20-2013 | Posts: 35
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I am having trouble mounting my center channel speaker. Its got a 8" woofer on top so I'm not sure how I can mount it over my screen. It would almost have to suspend from the ceiling, but I would rather it sat on stand by the TV. I have no clue how to do this. Suggestions?
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08-22-2013 | Posts: 963
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Your tv seems too low even for the front seating. If you raise up the tv there should be room for the center on the stand.
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09-06-2013 | Posts: 35
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Originally Posted by Sonyad View Post

Your tv seems too low even for the front seating. If you raise up the tv there should be room for the center on the stand.

right you are.
the stand is a really short modern stand from ikea. we actually moved it shortly after this picture.
updates are following.
I completely agree with you tho!! it was choking even in the front!
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09-06-2013 | Posts: 35
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as I previously stated, I did the typical mistake everyone does with a theater: HOOK UP GEAR TOO EARLY!

I've finally gotten around to posting some pics of some gear in place. I've made NO PROGRESS since my last post.
wheres logan?

There WILL be progress made in the next couple of days:
Center channel mount and Left Surround mounts have to be done
Speaker wire has to be cleaned up

I also need to begin to research screens and projectors. Time for the little 70" to go...

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09-07-2013 | Posts: 172
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Party on Wayne! Looks great!
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12-20-2013 | Posts: 526
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I'm way late in responding, but wow your results are nice. You really transformed the space you had to work with well. Hope you're enjoying it.
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12-20-2013 | Posts: 44
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really cool what you've done here. lots of unique ideas to take from this, thanks!
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