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Hi everyone.

Well, the decision has fallen. My wife wants her living room back, so that means that all my audio/video gear should move to a dedicated room. I currently have a room with dimensions of 17 feet by 8.2 feet (5.2 meters by 2.55 meters). I plan to have this room reconstructed to fit a wider dimension. I believe I can go as wide as 4.1-4.2 meters (13.7 feet), so this will give me a nice sized, rather rectangular room of 5.2 by 4.2, for a total of 22 square meters (72 square feet). A photo of the room in its current form is shown below (excuse the mess smile.gif). The wall where the TV is hanging is the wall that will be renovated.

What I have:

- Goldenear Triton Two front speakers
- Goldenear 60c center speaker
- Goldenear Supersat 3 rear speakers
- Emotiva XPA-3 amp
- Emotiva XSP-1 Preamp
- Emotiva XDA-2 DAC
- Onkyo 818 Receiver
- Rega RP3 turntable with Elys 2 head
- Boxee Box, Apple TV, PS3, Xbox 360

I would say the use habits is 60% 2-channel music (mostly on vinyl), 40% movies.

The gear I need to add and would like some thoughts from you all:

- A affordable TV in the 50" range (I already have a 50 inch Samsung plasma but that will stay in the living room). it will be for casual viewing only. My current (old) plasma is only 720p and is enough for TV viewing.
- A good projector. That will be for the main movie watching experience. I was thinking along the lines of the Epson 6100. Had a chance to watch a demo of that unit and it looks good, but anything in that price range that you think is better is worth mentioning.
- A good projector screen. I don't think I need the crazy high end stuff here, just something with good contrast and white gain. I saw some Elitescreens models but there are a gazilion of them, plus I'm really clueless when it comes to this.
- Good room treatment. This is an important area where I am totaly clueless. The room will be dedicated to home theater (plus computer work) so I can go crazy here. Ofcourse things that look good are prefered, but I mostly want good acustic quality. How much room treatment do I need for a room in this size? should I add bass traps? what are reasonable prices for something like this? I would also add wall-to-wall carpeting to the floor since I understand it helps. Is there any special materials I should consider or would any standard carpeting do the trick? I would love to have some examples of theater rooms of similar size as examples
- Comfortable theater seats. would probably need 4, two at the front and two at the back lifted somehow. Will go for 3 on two rows if it will be a good deal.
- A speaker stand for the 60c center speaker (maybe... if it will sound better)
- An audio rack for all the equipment. Turntable would probably need its own separate stand.

Additionally, I would need some advise about building the room itself:

- Would it be better to have the room rectangular or non-symmetrical? I believe the preferred approach is non-symmetrical, meaning the renovated wall would be extended somehow along a diagonal line. But, that would mean that I'll have a shorter wall where the front speakers would be which is not good. Is it still a good idea to have non-symmetrical walls that are narrowing behind the listener, or only non-symmetrical walls that are widening behind the listener? Hope the question is clear cool.gif.
- Is it a good idea to have the corners behind the front speakers rounded somehow? If i'm renovating anyway and it will help, I might as well do it.
- Any recommendations on how to hide cables and make things just look cleaner would be appreciated.

Some gear I plan to add down the line:
- Emotiva XMC-1 processor (if that thing ever ships...)
- Two Emotiva XPA-1L to drive the front speakers
- two Goldenear 50 to replace the rear speakers. At that point the supersat 3's would become the rear back channels (will need to add another 2-channel amp for those as well)...

Allow yourself to go wild and offer any ideas you might have, I will happily take everything under consideration. Please share images of home theaters that you think can give me inspiration!

Thanks in advance for all your help.
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Have you considering hiring DE (e.g. Dennis) for a room design. That way you will have the plans and can do it yourself on your time. It will take into account the things you are worried about. It costs a bit...but what you will save via your own labor will more than make up for his costs. You just seem to be at a level "gear wise" which indicates this might make sense.

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Sure, I'm open to suggestions. Not sure what DE stands for and not sure who Dennis is biggrin.gif. I should have probably mentioned that I'm not from the states.

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