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I have taken over a room at the warehouse I live in that is perfect for a home theater. It's actually inside of an old freezer room for a bakery. All walls are 3' think of concrete mixed with a 4" cork layer and then some more concrete on top of that. The room has 10' high ceilings and is about 32' Wide at the widest part and 22' deep. No windows. Below is a quick sketchup of the area.


I am getting pretty excited about the build and am fighting my hardest to wait for more input before making my component purchases. Below is a list of my components. Let me know your thoughts. I will share some images and reviews once I am up and running.

If there is anything a first time builder might look over I appreciate that input/direction as well.


Amp: Yamaha RX-A2020

Projector: Epson 5030UB


FRONT: Monitor Audio Silver RX8
CENTER: Monitor Audio Silver RX
REAR: Monitor Audio Silver RXFX
SUB: Sunfire HRS-12

Importance of cable selection (I have lots of high end car audio cable)?

Importance of acoustic sound tiles/panels/ceiling/etc?

I would like to have the couches set back against the back wall. My screen will be about 14' wide so I want to be set back quite a way from it. How will this be in regards to the sound stage? I imagine I want to be set off from the back wall about 8' at the least? I have no clue.

Thanks again,


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Old 10-19-2013, 07:25 AM
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That's a great sub you have planned.  Two things..

1: That's a big room for an HRS-12.  They only max out at 108db (and that's with room gain).  I have two of them in my 16x14x8 media room and I wish I had two more.  Sunfire subs are great and do amazing things for the size but they struggle on large rooms.

2: Corners are the absolute worst place to put sub.  Unless the sub is designed to work in a corner you're going to lose more than you gain by corner loading a sub.  Try this..  have a friend stand against the speaker wall (about a foot from the wall) in the middle of the wall and start talking.  You sit on your listening spot.  Now have then walk to the corner of the room.  Get them to squeeze in as tight to the corner as they can.  Did you hear that?  How much their voice changed (and not for the better).  Even a sub on the floor suffers from this same thing as it's corner loaded also (Floor, Wall)  Better if you can lift them up, even a little.  On a carped floor even a foot makes a huge difference.

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Old 10-19-2013, 07:51 AM
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That room seems awfully big for the equipment. That said, you should design the room first and then find equipment that will work within the constraints of the space.

Here's how I'd approach it:
  • build a false wall with acoustically transparent screen. Put high efficiency horn speakers behind the screen along with acoustic treatments. Look at pro gear or if you're willing to go the DIY route. DIY subs are a great option too, and I'd recommend multiple subs distributed around the room. Getting even, smooth response from one sub is a challenge at best.
  • Not sure I understand where you want to place the seating, but I'd stay away from the walls. Surround to ear-hole distance should be maximized.
  • Acoustic treatments are very important. More important than equipment.
  • Interconnects don't matter as long as decent quality. is a great resource.
  • 14 foot screen is big and will take a powerful projector. I'd go smaller and sit closer unless you intend to build a space to seat 20 of your closest friends. Have you considered doing a constant height setup with a "scope" 2.35 screen? That big space deserves it. Many projectors on the market make it easy without having to buy a lens.
  • I'd steer towards a separate preamp with outboard power amps. Emotiva/Sherbourn has some good deals on right now on some closeout gear. Pro power amps offer a lot of bang for the buck. Good used power amps can be found. Receiver power might be insufficient for such a big space.

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Old 10-19-2013, 08:30 PM
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Also, 5.1 is a bit "2000's".  For that sized room 7.2 is minimum  Monitor Audio make great speakers but they are more tuned for 2 channel rather than cinema IMHO.  You don't have a lot of room for width channels unless you rotate 90 degrees CCW.  That Yamaha is a 9.2 receiver..  would be a shame to only run 5.1.

Nothing wrong with a 14' screen.  Commercial theaters calibrate their screens for 16 ft/lamberts.  With a 194" diagonal 16:9 screen (14' wide) and the Epson 5030UB (2400 lumens) you're looking at around 23 ft/lamberts which is plenty in a blacked out room.  The built in lens on the Epson will easily shoot a 194" screen.

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