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Gary Lightfoot's Avatar Gary Lightfoot 04:07 PM 10-20-2013
I'm not sure if this is the best sub forum to ask this in, but here goes smile.gif

I am going to use waveguide speakers behind an AT screen, so I've been looking at econowave and DIYSound speakers for inspiration - I see many people here are using them and I like the DIY aspect of home cinema so decided that was the route I'd probably go. I'll also be building them into a baffle wall.

Initially I thought some 8" speakers would be fine as I'm going to be using a sub or subs for 80hz and below, but then read that certain speakers sizes beam more than others, so then wondered if there would be a specific size speaker that would work better in a 9 feet wide room behind an 8.5 feet wide 2.35 AT screen. I have some 15" speakers to experiment with as well, and may do some simple testing with both sizes but wanted to hear what people here with speaker design knowledge think.

TIA smile.gif


Nightlord's Avatar Nightlord 10:58 PM 10-20-2013
There's not particular problem with 8" for that distance. My fronts are even close to 9".

Definitely subs.
Gary Lightfoot's Avatar Gary Lightfoot 09:46 AM 10-22-2013
Thanks for the reply.

How many subs are you using? I've a Paradigm Servo 15 ans two Rel Q200s I can use. I don't know whether to place them together in the baffle wall as per Dolby or have the 15 in the front and the others placed (if needed) elsewhere to reduce nodes etc.

AV Science Sales 5's Avatar AV Science Sales 5 11:38 AM 10-22-2013
I am using the 12" SEOS waveguide with a TD12M mid woofer. My curved screen viewing width is 107" wide, so similar system. If you select good components, I think you will really like the speakers for HT use. For the subs, I would spread around the room. Building one or two into the baffle wall would be nice, but without measurements, you do not know if that is the best location. You could always go for the brute force method and have two built in and more spread around the room..
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