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I am purchasing the Klipsch 7.2 THX ultra 2 speaker system with 3 KL-650-THX and 2 KL-525-THX speakers.  I am planning on mounting them on my walls.  I am thinking of using the omnimount 60.0 ST-MP to mount them but I like the look of the 60.0 WA mounts but it seems they are no longer made and I have read a few reviews stating that heavier speakers tend to sag.  My question is what is your experience with either of these 2 mounting systems or are you using another system (and if so, what?)  Has anybody mounted them in their walls with a built-in frame and how does that affect the sound of the speakers?

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Hi, I put my KL-650-THX on little shelves behind the screen, partially recessed into a cutout in the baffle wall. They sound fine. I have some of the Klipsch omnimount's(no idea which variety they are) but they cause the speaker to protrude quite a way from the wall. The massive ball joint is ribbed so I doubt it would slip if bolted up correctly.

- Paul.
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