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killravenx's Avatar killravenx 04:23 PM 11-11-2013

So the riser was filled with insulation and the top was cut and screwed down with liquid nails and decking screws. I noticed one spot where the front joist was not touching the floor and when you walk on that spot it goes down slightly. I stuck 2 thin pieces of wood underneath to try and shim it. It seems like it might work. Is this the best solution and if so, how should the shims be attached, should I nail it to the floor and cut off the part that sticks out?


I would welcome any suggestions to fix the issue.


I also notice some slight squeaks despite my best effort to ensure there would be none :( 





BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 06:00 PM 11-11-2013
Force in some composite shims then caulk the area, they won't migrate
killravenx's Avatar killravenx 07:05 PM 11-11-2013

Hey Big,


Thanks for the reply.


I am new to this stuff so, from what you are saying, get a composite shim, stick it underneath, cut off the end of the shim to make it flush to the riser outer joist and then caulk with something like liquid nails?



BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 02:54 AM 11-12-2013
Yes, I've never used liquid nails as a caulk but it should work.
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