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Thanks to everyone on the forum for all of their input. I am new to this and reading everyone's posts and suggestions really helped. I recently purchased a house with a dedicated media room. The room was already wired for 7.2 surround and they let us keep the HD70 720p projector, Da-Lite 100" Perm-Wall Fixed Frame screen. and theater seating. Although the set up was nice, I new I wanted to go bigger and better. I replaced the 720p projector with an Optoma 8350, purchased a new sony reciever, and a new subwoofer to complete the 7.2 system. After replacing the ceiling mount projector, and a little rewiring in the attic and walls, I immediately began work on the screen. I purchase about $100 worth of material and tools from home depot and bought the 71"x126" Pro White Projector Screen Material from Carl's Place for $84. I designed and created my very own 120" decorative projected screen. I basically followed all the normal steps I found on this forum for creating the frame. I got a little more creative with the velvet and wood molding frame, and it looks excellent! I did all of this by myself over the course of a week. Total work time is probably about 10 hours.

All I need now is a freaking Xbox One Kinect extension cable!!


Original projector setup: For Sale

This 53x91 (100") fixed screen is in perfect condition and is also For Sale. the HD70 720 progector is also for sale. From what I has seen on Da-Lite's website, This screen and frame is worth over $600 bucks. You can have it for way less. PM me.



Making the frame was easy, after making some plans, and taking some measurements, I knew that I wanted the frame to fit a 59x105 (120" diag) screen, and I needed an extra 2-3 inches to mount molding on it after words. The idea is to make the projector look like a large portrait with a beautiful frame.


The inside of the frame is exactly 59x105 inches. There is a big difference between 100" diag and 120" diag


The frame was an easy build. Just lay all material on a flat surface and cut to size. I bought

a Clamping Mitre Box with Saw to cut perfect right angles. These are really cheap and you can find them at Home Dept or Lowes. I added two wood beams for support. The dimensions of the frame are 4x1" (outside frame) and 1x1 1/2 (inside supports). They were 12 feet and 8 feet before I cut them to size.



You can pick up the brackets at any hardware store.

Next I mounted and screwed the frame to the wall. Make sure you use a stud finder.



Now that it is mounted I went into the walls to relocate some speaker wire. The white square is the original 100" screen location. This is getting exciting!

After patching up some holes I mounted the new screen material.


This was the hardest part. The ProWhite Projector Screen Material from Carl's Place is great quality and very sturdy. This material does not have to be stretched, however since I was alone, it did take me a while to staple it in place, and I even had to remove several staples and restaple to get get rid of some obvious folds and waves in the fabric. It does require a little pulling to get these out. I recommend using another person (or two) and mounting the screen while the frame is already secured to the wall. It will be easier to troubleshoot. Staple the top first, then down the sides, then finally the bottom. Don't be afraid to remove staples and re-staple. This material is polyester bonded with pvc and is very strong. It won't tear and rip. Make sure to staple on the wood and not through the inside of the frame. The grey dot is the corner of the inside frame for reference.


I wanted to give the frame an authentic theater style and professional look. Can't do that without velvet!! I got the idea from here on this forum of course. Thanks guys! Sy Fabrics has an awesome collection, including Black Plush Triple Velvet. I've confirmed that this is great at absorbing light. I can barely see the projected image on the velvet and I had to get really close. I purchased 1" molding from home depot to outline the frame. I wrapped the frame in the velvet and was sure not to make it too tight because I wanted it to have a plush cushion-like look. There are a bunch of ways to do this. I considered glue, but decided to use the staples I used to mount the screen to the frame. It looks messy now, but it cleans up very well.


 After that, I cut the molding that I selected from home depot. They have a large selection and you can choose whatever you like. I chose something I thought would look good on a portrait and cut it to size. Then spray painted it black, let it dry, and mounted the pi. Getting the exact size was a little difficult but I managed. I suggest mounting two parallel pieces. Then dry fit the next two, cutting the two pieces 1/4" to 1/2" too long and correcting from there. One of the four pieces was 1/4" too short. I actually used a scrap piece to fill it in. Thank God its not noticeable.


Here is the finished product. I think it looks awesome. A more creative person could do wonders with the frame design. But I wanted something simple and attractive. I used 4 cans of Rust-Oleum Universal Gloss Black Spray Paint. Several coats of this does the job. Make sure you wait a day for it to dry, and Always wear rubber or latex gloves if handling in less than 24 hours. I learned the hard way that even after 7-10 hours of drying the paint will smudge or leave finger prints. So if possible, wait a whole day, and use gloves when handling to keep oil and moisture from your hands off.


What do you guys think?



I impressed myself!

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Welcome to the home theater madness. Looks like a nice first theater setup. I think most guys would not have grabbed a can of Gloss paint for the frame but looking at the screen in action yours seems to work. Enjoy. Now you you need to wander over to A screen that big deserves a big sound and you can make it happen with DIY speakers.
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Thanks. I actually have a 7.2 surround system installed. I am more than happy with the sound. But it seems like the home theater madness is never ending. Now I'm reading about projector and audio calibration. I just purchased the Disney Wow disk to calibrate my projector. Then I read that my new Xbox One won't play it! I plan on buying a new bluray player to calibrate the projector and get the awesome visuals I have been missing.

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