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hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 06:22 PM 12-17-2013
Quick background, we purchased our house about 18 months ago. The basement was finished before we moved in so I'm trying to work with what I have already without completely tearing it out and starting over with a clean slate. I have considered that option however with our daughter leaving for college within two years I expect we will downsize so if at all possible I'd like to try and make this work.

The room dimensions are 13 x 16 x 8'6". The problem lies in a soffit that runs the entire width of the room, out 7 feet from the screen wall. This 12" soffit contains a heat run along with a structural beam so scaling it back or eliminating it completely would be quite an undertaking. The question I have is, is it possible to use a projector in this room without tearing out the soffit? Any suggestions on how to tackle this problem would be greatly appreciated.

BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 08:19 PM 12-17-2013
The simple answer is no problem. Take a piece of blue tape and put it at where you want the top of the screen to be on the wall, try to keep 1/4 to 1/3 of the image below eye level. Then take a string and hold it one end on the tape and the other end on the wall above the couch. Just miss the soffit. That is where you mount your projector hanging either down from the ceiling or on a shelf. The string represents the lens position of the projector

Note not all projectors have the required vertical lens shift so do your homework.
petew's Avatar petew 08:20 PM 12-17-2013
You shouldn't have any trouble installing a projector. The mount will need an extension pole to prevent the soffit from casting a shadow.
purbeast's Avatar purbeast 09:56 PM 12-17-2013
Just get an extension pole. I went to a plumbing store to get the exact length I needed. It's called a nipple pole (yes, it's a funny word lol) and I wanted one in exactly 10" because it would put the projector as close to the soffit as possible. But the 10" ones didn't exist as far as finding a "projector extension pole" all I saw was like 12" and 24". And the price on them was ridiculous too. The one I got was like $8 or something, and I just spray painted it.

The picture does not reflect at all on the soffit even with it being so close. I actually still have room that I can tilt the projector up more and it won't be reflecting on the soffit, so even though it looks tight, it works just fine.

I realize this is different than your situation, but hopefully it gives you some hope of having a soffit in the way!

Here's a pic of it from the front, side, and behind.

hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 06:31 AM 12-18-2013
Thanks "Big"............huge fan of your work. I appreciate the suggestions on tackling this issue.
hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 06:36 AM 12-18-2013
The concern I had was the casting issue mentioned on the screen wall from the soffit. Great pics "Purbeast"...........that helps answer some other questions I had. Thanks again guys!!
hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 12:06 PM 12-25-2013
I had some time yesterday to poke around in this darn soffit that's causing me so many problems. I can't quite grasp an easy way to run the necessary cables (HDMI, Cat5e/6, etc.) to my proposed projector mount location along the center of the rear wall in our TV room. Inside the soffit I've found the floor trusses run lengthwise to where the soffit ledge has been built nearly 7 feet out into the room. There, a floor truss runs the width of the room thus blocking access to the floor cavity to run cables. Ideally, I'd like to run an 1-1/2 piece of PVC in the ceiling to the projector mount for future upgrades however without cutting a section of drywall out of the ceiling I don't see how I can accomplish this. I'm fairly handy and replacing the drywall would take minimal effort outside hiring someone to finish the knockdown texture used throughout the basement. I need to get a stud finder and see what direction the remaining trusses run in the ceiling as I'm concerned they all run the width of the room which would mean I would need to drill access for the PVC through each one.....will this weaken the truss itself??

If I go this route I will probably add three can lights above the screen wall and remove the cheap looking track lighting already in place. Behind the screen wall is a large unfinished storage room. My thought was to install a wall rack for my device equipment either in the TV viewing room (to the left of the TV now), or possibly in the hallway to the left of the door do the storage room. I'm leaning towards the hallway location as it may be less distracting.....thoughts?? The hallway wall is not load bearing so it would be a pretty straight forward framing it out. This project is starting to become quite involved to simply add a projector eek.gif

The storage room has some issues I'd like to address as well....primarily it's very cold in his space. The primary foundation wall along the south side of our house, this wall is partially exposed due to the slope of our yard outside so during these cold winter months I'm sure I have tremendous heating loss issues with no insulation on the walls. Our office room on the 1st floor, the floor itself is cold to the touch with the storage space directly below. Any thoughts on how to help insulate would be appreciated as well. My thought is to insulate the floor cavities directly below and enclose it with OSB; this would allow me to access the ceiling in the future if necessary. I really don't want to finish this space out right now but I may need to consider that as well.

Soffit access and a look inside.....

Storage room (it's actually pretty organized although it may not look like it here). A couple pics where the proposed rack would go and also you can see the non insulated walls. Also a picture of our house, the foundation wall exposed runs the entire south side of our home. The slope of the yard exposes a large portion of it which makes it extremely cold......

BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 12:41 PM 12-25-2013
Looking at the age of your house (recent) I'm really surprised that it passed building inspection for insulation. Someone was either sloppy or the fix was in.
hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 07:13 PM 12-25-2013
Not quite what I had hoped to hear however I appreciate the feedback Big. The house was built in 2004 and I believe your referring to the lack of any foundation "blanket" wall insulation. I spoke to my brother this evening; he owns a local HVAC company and works in new construction builds everyday. I mentioned your comments and my concerns. He did confirm a few years back regulations changed requiring basements foundation walls be insulated in all new construction however he believes my home pre-dates this requirement (lucky me....Not!!). I plan to check with our County Building Inspector on Monday and determine exactly what the requirements are, AND were when my house was built. This may turn into a complete basement renovation soon as I need to address theses issues before moving forward with the media room. Thanks again.....
corpkid12's Avatar corpkid12 07:35 PM 12-25-2013
Could you extend the soffit out a little bit deeper by framing and dry walling an empty cavity behind the existing soffit and then run your PVC through that? Just a thought.
hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 08:22 PM 12-25-2013
I would hate to lose any more ceiling height within the room by extending the existing soffit deeper however it's a thought to consider. I think this will come down to how badly I want a projector. The correct route I believe will involve tearing out a section of drywall and run the conduit to the projector location and then repair the ceiling. Drywall is pretty inexpensive really compared to some of the alternatives I've considered
cw5billwade's Avatar cw5billwade 07:17 AM 12-27-2013
looks to me like most of that could be taken down except where the HVAC is?
BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 10:50 AM 12-27-2013
What I've learned about Basement Builders and soffits is that they do it the quickest cheapest way and could care less how much of the ceiling real estate they ruin.

Case Example:


what was actually in the soffit at the front of the theater.


hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 04:36 PM 12-27-2013
I would have to agree Big. The craftsmanship (or lack thereof) is pretty evident in our basement buildout. The rest of the house seems solid...the basement was finished a few years after the home so I'm sure they tried saving $$$$ on both the design plus materials. What started out as a desire to simply add to our TV/video watching experience has spiraled into much more of a project. I'm not one who likes to cut corners (my wife hates this attribute); the plan now is to figure out exactly what, if any, insulation has been installed in the finished portion of our basement. From there I will set out to correct whatever problems I find and most likely rework the the entire space. Without incurring a huge expense outside materials (this will be a DIYer project) the space won't be "dedicated" per se with such an open floor plan however the experience will be much more enjoyable I hope after completion. I'll document the journey and ask questions along the way. I appreciate the input.......
hitman6079's Avatar hitman6079 07:43 PM 03-31-2014
Slowly but surely I'm making some progress. Spent the past several weeks building a couple walls in our storage area to address some much needed insulation issues. Foundation walls were waterproofed with paint sealant, then insulated with rigid foam board, framed out and then more insulation applied along with a vapor barrier. This alone made quite the temperature difference in our basement. That black wire hanging by the sub panel is for a generator plug outside the house to back feed the panel. Just need my electrician to come back and finish hooking that up.

Next up was to install a 50amp sub panel as the main panel for the house was completely full when I started this project. This allowed for a dedicated circuit to my projector location, A/V rack plus whatever else I may need down the road.

I followed that small project up with a dedicated DIY A/V wall rack. Turned out pretty good I think for my first try. The wife at this point thought I was plain crazy spending this much time and effort for "just" a projector and some theater seating for the guys. If she only knew........

After the wall rack was finished I was was fortunate enough to have a straight opening down an open truss cavity from the storage room to the location where the projector will be mounted along the rear wall in the theater room. Ran electric plus a piece of conduit containing both a 30ft HDMI and CAT 6 cable. Not sure what else I may need to run in the future but I should be good with the conduit in place.

Also replaced the track lighting above the screen wall with four 3in recessed can lights. Drywall dust covered half the basement but the end results turned out pretty well. Last up is running some speaker wire for the two rears. Might need to run the wires along the ceiling edge and cover it with cove molding as I can't figure another way to run it with heat runs blocking several truss cavities. Might consider making three columns along the rear wall where the sconces are located now to hold the rears.....thoughts. Here are some pictures of my back wall and the new recessed lighting (screen layout is for a 110" diagonal...still deciding on if I can go a little bigger, possibly 120"). Plan is to get the projector first and see what looks/feels right for the space.

With a throw distance of nearly 14ft I reached out to Mike at AVS sales for a projector suggestion. They have a Sony b-stock HW 30ES for a pretty good price. Need to read some reviews before I make a decision on a projector. Also have a quote for 4 Fusion Tributes in a curved formation from Roman. Just wished I lived closer to see the seats in-person before making the purchase. Guess I'll just have to rely on the feedback from the Fusion thread.

Almost forgot, picked up a Yamaha RX-575v receiver plus a Sony BDPS5100 blue ray player. Still need a few other pieces of equipment but overall things are coming along.
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