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rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 11:14 AM 02-04-2014
Here are some updated photos of the room highlighting some of the ceiling aspects I mentioned earlier.

Final coat of mud on the knee wall

Close up of the concrete imperfections. These will get filled when we roll on the Durabond

Slab deflection example

HuskerOmaha's Avatar HuskerOmaha 05:38 PM 02-07-2014
Someone should really help you cut all that wood
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 05:42 PM 02-07-2014
Originally Posted by HuskerOmaha View Post

Someone should really help you cut all that wood

That sure would be nice.... hint, hint. wink.gif
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 09:12 PM 02-10-2014
Ceiling is ready for primer. Will get some pics up later this week. While I was waiting for him to get the last 2 coats of mud on, I made some progress on the sub boxes this weekend. Still need to cut lots of circles and bracing.

pdxrealtor's Avatar pdxrealtor 09:20 PM 02-10-2014
Looking good!

Circles..... have fun with that. tongue.gif

rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 09:26 PM 02-10-2014
Originally Posted by pdxrealtor View Post

Looking good!

Circles..... have fun with that. tongue.gif

Circles within circles.... Definitely worse! wink.gif
pdxrealtor's Avatar pdxrealtor 09:32 PM 02-10-2014
For sure.... it's so repetitive!
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 10:10 PM 03-02-2014
Slow progress on my front as I've been out of town and still working with the drywaller on finishing my ceiling. He did a fantastic job but the one panel that had a higher arch in it needed more fill so we'll have to see what it looks like after this week. Shining a light across the ceiling was showing a shadow and I can only guess a projector would emphasize that. He's pickier than I am so I'll be patient as I know he'll make it beautiful.

In the meantime, I did make some progress on the baffles for the subs. Desertdome and Dlbeck came over last weekend to build some enclosures and DD let me try out his Jasper circle cutting jig. I like it much better than my Bosch jig in the fact that you put the pin at the diameter you want and there you have it. I have to set the radius with a little trial and error on my Bosch jig as it's infinitely adjustable. I also have to duct tape the center point to the piece of work with the Bosch jig. However, the Jasper jig I was using was 3/8" short of being able to make my outer baffle so I had to get the Bosch jig out today to finish those pieces. The Jasper DD had would go to 19 3/8" and I needed 19 3/4". I think I can push 24" with the Bosch jig. I don't recall for sure.

Below is a pic of the sub boxes with the front baffles dry fitted. Next step is to make and install the cross bracing. Should be able to make that happen this week in the evenings. Thinking ahead... what is everyone using these days for fill? Is poly fill from the craft store/Wal-Mart still the most economical option?

HuskerOmaha's Avatar HuskerOmaha 09:45 AM 03-09-2014
Pillows from Walmart? I probably should have opened mine up and pulled the stuffing out
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 06:43 PM 03-09-2014
Talked with Desertdome and am using denim insulation on these. It was on sale at Menards through today. smile.gif Been making some good progress on the room today. Should have some pics up in the next few days.
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 09:23 AM 03-10-2014
And now for some photos... Sorry for the iphone pics. They look a little cloudy.

Ceiling is primed. The blemish in the middleish area is the picture and not the ceiling. I was really happy with how it came out. Only downside was the amount of variation when you get the plywood up close to it. No worries in the long run as the crown will hide it. I'll be dropping the crown off the ceiling and inch or so and laying in rope light behind. I'll have to play around with the height to make sure the gaps are hidden as much as possible but still getting the most benefit out of the light.

I did stop at W00lly's this week to clean out his garage of unwanted melamine and see his theater for the first time in 2 years. I've been worried about not having the can lights in the middle like in my last theater but Scott put my worries to rest. smile.gif He only has rope and sconces and the room has plenty of light. Thanks again for the melamine and plywood!

Columns are started. It will be a layering process to get everything built out to where I want it. Still need to attach them. The boxes are only 6" deep but I will have 11"+ of depth for my surrounds when it's all said and done. Should be plenty.

You may notice the horizontal plywood strips to the right of the far right column. I ended putting those on to ensure I had a continuous nailer to hit all along the way and added a shim in places where the studs were less than straight to keep everything even. Worked like a dream. To keep vibration to a minimum, I've been using PL400 to attach the plywood to the studs/I-joists. I'll be using wood glue to layer out the wainscoting etc. so I can keep things tight.

AlexanderDelarg's Avatar AlexanderDelarg 10:29 AM 03-10-2014

Coming along nicely. Now that the weather is warming up it may be helpful or not.  :-) 

ahands's Avatar ahands 10:44 AM 03-10-2014

Great looking build! Really look forward to seeing the later progress!

rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 01:27 PM 03-10-2014
Thanks! The warming weather is not a good thing for me. With a new house in the country, I have basically zero landscaping done but quite the list of projects. I was hoping my drywall finisher would have been able to squeeze the ceiling project in a little faster but it did give me time to get the sub boxes built. It's 68 outside right now and there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Gotta love this climate. Hopefully I can get the majority of the woodwork installed over the next couple weeks. One variable will be trim availability. Anyone have any suggestions on where to get maple crown, panel, and chair rail mouldings in the Omaha area?
desertdome's Avatar desertdome 10:24 PM 03-10-2014
It is looking very nice. Did you finalize your surrounds yet?

You could try S. E. Smith & Sons Millwork in Blair and see if they carry maple. Builders Supply in Omaha either carries in stock or can get maple moulding.
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 10:41 PM 03-10-2014
Originally Posted by desertdome View Post

It is looking very nice. Did you finalize your surrounds yet?

You could try S. E. Smith & Sons Millwork in Blair and see if they carry maple. Builders Supply in Omaha either carries in stock or can get maple moulding.

I plan to do the Volt 10s and will likely make the baffles myself. The custom baffles would come at an increased cost but might be worth it. I did order your jig last week. smile.gif

Thanks for the suggestion on moulding. I'm going to wait until I have "everything but" in place so I can get an accurate measurement.
HuskerOmaha's Avatar HuskerOmaha 04:45 PM 03-14-2014
It is going to be AMAZING sound in there.
Skip-B's Avatar Skip-B 07:00 AM 03-17-2014
Looks like you are off to a heck of a great start. I am sure many of us are very jealous of the space you are working in.
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 09:25 AM 03-17-2014
Originally Posted by Skip-B View Post

Looks like you are off to a heck of a great start. I am sure many of us are very jealous of the space you are working in.

Thanks, Skip! I didn't make any progress in the room this weekend but did fabricate my column mounts so I can start securing them to the walls this week. I also stopped at Menards yesterday to get a quote on some unfinished maple base cabinets for the back wall so maybe some progress I guess. smile.gif That way I can stain to match the wainscoting, etc.

To free up space in the woodshop, I focused on getting the sub enclosures coated with Duratex this weekend. I've included a quick pic of most of them below. I'm very happy with how they turned out and really like working with that product. I used the 5" texture roller they offer on their site. One gallon can go a long way in terms of getting coat on. I ordered 2 "just in case". I didn't put it on very thick as I don't plan on moving them around once they're in place and ended up going through just under a gallon. It also leaves me plenty for when I make my surrounds not to mention you'll never see them since they'll be behind the screen.

I also had to get some stuff on my wife's list done that is long overdue. wink.gif I'll probably see a better balance of that occurring over the next few weekends so I get caught up with her list as she's been very patient.

rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 05:05 PM 03-17-2014

Here's all 6 sub cabinets with a push broom to give you perspective. smile.gif

Edit: Sorry for the bad picture earlier. Didn't know how small the phone would make it.
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 04:13 PM 03-19-2014
Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

Man I think I'm going to have to build some duel 18" after seeing your boxes smile.gif those turned out nice. what are the dimension of those cabinets

Thanks! Outside dimensions are 22" H x 22" W x 20.5" D. Gross interior volume is 4.62 cubic feet. After the driver and bracing, the net is 4.22 cubic feet.
desertdome's Avatar desertdome 04:24 PM 03-19-2014
Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

Man I think I'm going to have to build some duel 18" after seeing your boxes smile.gif those turned out nice. what are the dimension of those cabinets
It doesn't always work out this way, but your EP4000 amp at maximum power will have the exact same output with 8 of the 18" drivers as it does with 8 of the 15" drivers that you currently own. This is because the 15" drivers are more efficient.

You can almost double the power you have to your current subs and gain 3 dB. Or you can build 8 18" subs and quadruple your current power and will gain 6 dB over what you have now. However, I don't think you are even close to playing your current subs/amp at maximum volume. They can play at 130 dB!
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 10:09 PM 03-20-2014
More pictures!! It's starting to look a little more like a room. It's amazing what a few pieces of plywood will do. Below are some step by step pics for those less familiar with the process. Still need to add panel moulding to the inside edges to cover the plywood edge. Will also add a base and chair rail before it's all said and done.

The starting point for each section... You'll see the ugly drywall screws and the joint down the middle. Each plywood panel is glued with PL400 and screwed to the nailers I glued and screwed to the studs. There are screws down the right side too. They're just behind the column. I wanted rock solid with nothing left to rattle. smile.gif

Added a 3 3/4" wide piece of plywood across the top. No more screws showing there. This piece is tacked with 1 1/4" brads and wood glued.

Added 3" wide verticals to cover the screws and the seam down the middle. The top is 3/4" taller to accommodate for some trim I'll put on to leave a finish reveal of 3" like the verticals. The base is 6 1/2" to accommodate for a 3" baseboard, 3" reveal, and the 1/2" for the carpet to tuck under.

Here is the right side wall in the lower section of the room.

wse's Avatar wse 10:30 PM 03-20-2014

I am very impressed, I could never build something like that I don't have the skills or patience :) Your room is going to look amazing!

rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 07:21 AM 03-21-2014
Originally Posted by wse View Post

I am very impressed, I could never build something like that I don't have the skills or patience smile.gif Your room is going to look amazing!

Thanks! Just wish I had more hours in the day. smile.gif
wse's Avatar wse 08:32 AM 03-21-2014
Originally Posted by rkinmoval View PostThanks! Just wish I had more hours in the day. smile.gif

You are welcome, yes i feel the same way and I sleep only five hours a night

rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 10:12 PM 03-27-2014
More pictures....

Sorry about the iPhone pics. I'll get the real camera out next time. I really need a flash in there with the flood light casting shadows the way it does.

I installed the first "column top" in this photo. There will be a fabric grill filling the void between the top and the bottom. Still have a lot of trim left to do to dress up the column and the soffit. There will be crown where the column meets the soffit and also towards the top of the soffit with LED light strips laid in behind. The top right soffit piece is a little darker than the one to the left but not by that much. The soffit running across the middle of the room is casting a bit of the shadow.

I started installing the panel moulding last night to cover the plywood edges. If you look at post 113 you'll see what it looked like before the moulding. It's amazing what a little strip of wood can do to the appearance. I ended up finding a mill in Omaha that will make about anything. I'm having them make the crown, chair rail, and baseboard too. That won't be ready for a couple weeks yet so I have some time to get the rest of the soffit up and the panel moulding installed. smile.gif

W00lly's Avatar W00lly 10:29 PM 05-26-2014
How about a update
desertdome's Avatar desertdome 07:31 AM 05-27-2014
Originally Posted by W00lly View Post

How about a update
+1 Should be about done by now. wink.gif
rkinmoval's Avatar rkinmoval 08:30 AM 05-27-2014
Well gentlemen... where to I start???

I planted 34 trees, 44 shrubs, and another section of lawn. I also started on the retaining wall project and got about a third of the way through that. Still need to build stairs and 2 more sections of wall. I've gone through 32 tons of limestone for base and backfill on the wall and 16 tons of river rock around the shop. So TONS of progress (at least 48)... on landscaping! wink.gif

Oh wait... you were probably wondering how the cave was coming. biggrin.gif As one might have guessed, I haven't spent much time down there due to taking advantage of the spring planting weather. Not to mention I don't want to be putting up retaining wall stone when it's 90 degrees out. I still have a lot to do on that project.

Before the planting began, I did manage to finish the baseboard and chair rail. I've included a pic of a section below. I also have been on the fence about building the cabinets in the back or buying them. I've elected to build in the spirit of saving some dough. As soon as it gets too hot or it gets too rainy, I'll be back in there. I'm certainly getting the itch to get it done as the projector is sitting in the box outside the room and the theater seats have been ordered. I've also landed a server rack cabinet to hold everything but it's gray. I'll address that in the near future before I move it into the basement.

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