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rzan's Avatar rzan 10:54 AM 01-22-2014
So pretty excited to have finally started my first HT build after waiting patiently for our new house to be handed over to us. While the room/space isn't a 'dedicated' cave style HT, it hopefully will satisfy our young family and better half and give us many years of FUN memories. I wanted to share this with the AVS community because your all passionate about this stuff and to both learn from feedback and help others with answering questions who may also be building or planning to build something similar.

A Picture paints a thousand words they say so I will be posting new pictures as the build continues.

The Mission.
1. Incorporate a HT into our 'sunken lounge'.
2. It must have daytime viewable content as it is not a light controlled space.
3. Fire would be a nice touch.
4. A lounge feel is wanted as opposed to a individual seating HT.
5. Don't want visual speakers everywhere or see equipment racking and the like.
6. Must have great sound as we all love music.
7. Must have 2.35 aspect for movies and 16:9 for normal widescreen TV.

A little bit of sketchup action to work in with equipment dimensions and get a bit of visual idea on paper instead of in my head...

The beginning of the 'Wall of Death', so I dubbed it because at times I think it may in fact kill me with stress... confused.gif

All of the bricks used were 'left overs' from the house build.
After two days of bloody hard work, the sketchup came to life finally! Many thanks to my good mate Vanda for your mad brick laying skills...

That's it for the moment folks. I shall post more as I move into the second faze of the build. Next week I pick up all the new gear except for the 2.35 screen and the fire burner. Stay tuned, RZ.

rzan's Avatar rzan 12:17 AM 02-04-2014
As promised some new gear picked up this week! Christmas all over again and then some....

Dradius's Avatar Dradius 06:33 AM 02-04-2014
I think the Wall of Death looks fantastic. Very nice!
Dingaling2004's Avatar Dingaling2004 03:37 PM 02-04-2014
Looking forward to following your progress. Great to see another Australian thread.

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Peter M's Avatar Peter M 07:48 PM 02-05-2014
Now THAT's a screen wall !!

NickTheGreat's Avatar NickTheGreat 09:44 AM 02-06-2014
That brick looks awesome cool.gif
rzan's Avatar rzan 08:47 PM 08-21-2014
Been tooooo long since last update! My bad it's a slower process than I was hoping for! Anyway the Floor Coverings are in and make the place more comfortable under foot.
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rzan's Avatar rzan 01:33 AM 08-22-2014
TV up
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NickTheGreat's Avatar NickTheGreat 09:27 AM 08-22-2014
Looks good! I'm excited to see it with the components in and everything buttoned up
rzan's Avatar rzan 05:34 AM 10-05-2014
So I finally get my new 2.35 screen and am pumped to get the thing up...
Except it was 75mm to long for the gap I'd left for it!
So after a beers worth of thought I decided to MAKE it fit!
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rzan's Avatar rzan 05:37 AM 10-05-2014
A little shot of the brother-in-law in action wearing all his safety gear
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rzan's Avatar rzan 06:29 AM 10-05-2014
Decided to make it a 'centre stage' to go with the screens namesake from Seymour AV!
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rzan's Avatar rzan 06:31 AM 10-05-2014
Old recessed wall now removed (messy bloody job) and knock up a timber/MDF false floor to fill a gap and boom, an actual stage for the young bloke to perform on haha better than TV anyways
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rzan's Avatar rzan 06:35 AM 10-05-2014
The screen now has enough depth but it was still 75mm to wide to fit across the front, so made some more dust/mess with an angle grinder to slip some guide rails into the ends of the brick work so the screens weight/tension bar now fits across lengthways
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rzan's Avatar rzan 07:24 AM 10-05-2014
Couple of tests to make sure all is ok. Everything seems to fit much better now and can finally see what it looks like with the recessed area filled in with a screen!
Still a few hours work to level and finish off a few bits, then there's some black velvet fabric to go in the av rack and some black acoustic foam panels to fill in all the surfaces of the recessed area.
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rzan's Avatar rzan 07:26 AM 10-05-2014
This is the stone that will cover the rest of the wall in the coming months (Pic is not of my place)
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