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ClemsonJeeper's Avatar ClemsonJeeper 03:10 PM 05-07-2014
I'm in the process of planning out the construction of my HT, and in doing so am trying to figure out what acoustical treatments to put in the room. I am width-constrained on it (11'11"), and I'm planning on a 110" wide 16:9 screen which with the frame doesn't leave a lot of space between the wall and the edge of the frame (approximately 1'2")

My question is if it would even be worthwhile to try to build in small bass traps in the corner with this space, or is it too small of a space to even make a difference? I would likely only be able to put in 8" (from the edge of the wall) without it visually encroaching too much on the screen.

Also, since the room I'm dealing with has a door near the rear corner of the room, only one corner in the rear can have a bass trap. However, I can make this bass trap larger if I like since the chairs are right next to it.

What are the recommendations of bass traps? Is something always better than nothing?

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