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jaydogg25's Avatar jaydogg25 01:01 PM 07-25-2014
having a brain fart @ work... lol

before i lay my sub floor for my rear riser (in next couple weeks) i want to make sure i have wiring in/around riser completed. my rear 2 level riser is 9' 4" x 6' 6" (seating part) and 4' x 6' 6" (lower riser) . total of risers are 13' 4" x 6' 6". on my upper part i have 2 outlets that i want to move figure 1 can be used for seats if i use power recliners, 2nd idk. i know i want to have @ least 2 more outlets on riser,1 for 1st row seating and one for rope lights.... other than that unsure if i should run any other kinds just to be safe before i seal it up. or @ very least add some pvc pipe that i can run future wires through.

below is a older pic to give kind of a idea

HopefulFred's Avatar HopefulFred 01:32 PM 07-25-2014
I guess you'll have to figure out what exactly you might want, but here's what I did for comparison.

I ran a 15A circuit to two duplex outlets positioned under the seating. At most, I'll have three power recliners, and often they can be daisy chained or run off extension cords, but I figured "why not?" The fourth is available for a laptop or cellphone charger or vacuum cleaner (though none of that will be convenient under the seats). That same 15A circuit powers two more duplex outlets in the face of the riser, directly behind the front row seats, with the same intentions there. I also ran a 20A circuit to the corners of the room along with a cat cable and some coax to power and feed signal to subs. I built passive subs for those locations, but you never know. Now I can put lamps there or something if I need (I won't, but whatever) - or vacuum cleaner.
jaydogg25's Avatar jaydogg25 03:43 PM 07-25-2014
i like that idea... i would rather be safe than sorry w/ cables etc..
HopefulFred's Avatar HopefulFred 04:12 PM 07-25-2014
If you're open to more cables, perhaps consider additional cat cable. I've got a couple more in the face of the riser. One for LAN and another for a stereo headphone cable to run from an MP3 player back to the receiver. I also ran mic cable for my calibration process, or maybe karaoke.
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