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mhutchins 08-17-2014 11:23 PM

Recessed Lighting for 2" Thick Ceiling
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I am looking for recessed lighting fixtures for use with a 3-layer ceiling. My wife likes to read but her favorite reading spot is directly above the home theater and she likes it very quiet....:o

I am planning on building the walls and ceiling with RSIC clips and hat channel plus 5/8"-3/4" OSB + 2 layers of 5/8" drywall plus Green Glue between each layer. I'm having trouble finding fixtures that can accommodate a ceiling that is 2" thick. Most fixtures only go to 5/8", a few will go to 1-3/8", but rarely will they go 2" or more.

I don't want surface fixtures. I plan to make backer boxes for whatever fixtures I end up installing. I would like to go with a baffled trim (such as this, for example) to minimize any reflected light from the screen. I would like to use a housing that will accept a BR20 LED bulb. What are you guys using when you need to put lights into a thick, heavy ceiling??


BIGmouthinDC 08-18-2014 04:26 AM

Remodel cans, throw away the brackets that push out the sides, shove the can in the hole and shoot some drywall screws through the inside of the can into the edge of the drywall. Put the backer boxes up and mark the location of the final hole on the floor, drywall, then use a plumb-bob to find the desired location to cut your hole. I use a hole saw. You can use a manual plumb-bob but I use a Bosch laser version.

mhutchins 08-18-2014 08:57 AM

Awesome, that is good news and really opens up my choices!! :)

Just to be clear, the sequence would be:
1. Mount clips and hat channel
2. wire and install backer boxes
3. Mark location on floor where light should go w/ plumb bob
4. Drywall and GG
5. Cut the hole using plum bob/floor marks, wire and mount the light as you described

Also, what is the current best practice for backer boxes? Are you
A) adding a flange to the box then gluing/screwing them to the first layer of OSB or drywall; or
B) skipping the flange and just gluing/caulking them in position while gravity holds it in place?
I've seen pictures of both and wasn't sure what is recommended...

Thanks a ton! I really appreciate all the advice from these forums. ;)


BIGmouthinDC 08-18-2014 09:22 AM

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I like big flanges, a big helping of acoustical caulk then lift the ceiling into position and attach. A couple screws through the flange isn't a bad idea if you know where they are. I use legs to attach the boxes to the furring channel as shown in the picture.

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