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chinadog's Avatar chinadog 07:51 PM 09-16-2009


larryep's Avatar larryep 07:59 PM 09-16-2009
thanks Bud

can you believe it has been 4 years since we started are theaters.
where does the time go.the madness never ends!
congradulations on the home theater revealed dvd series!

larryep's Avatar larryep 05:05 PM 02-20-2010
any of you guys wanted to simplify your system and get 7.1 channels of audio to your speakers get a amp. My denon avr started to hiss thru all sp eakers. I knew it was on its way out. i was already doing analog inputs into the denon receiver so I decided to stick with using analog.Right now I only have one device and that is the HTPC. I decided to go with this amp

the audio from this amp has made my speakers sound the best they have every sounded. I guess if I add other devices I will get a preamp\\processor.The tuner solution is internet radio with pandora and ALOT RADIO PLAYER toolbar for local radio. My wires on my rack have been simplify which is always a plus. I control my speakers with windows 7 audio controller and the software that uses audio. I have finally crossed over to seperates and I like it, well kind of no preamp\\processor!
larryep's Avatar larryep 04:25 PM 03-31-2010
My backlit Lenovo N5901 Mini Wireless Keyboard
larryep's Avatar larryep 06:39 PM 07-20-2010
here is xlobby running on windows 7. starts movies,pics and music

Uploaded with

here is xlobby running in xp mode.
for lighting and curtain control

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larryep's Avatar larryep 06:14 AM 11-13-2010
larryep's Avatar larryep 06:59 AM 02-12-2011
any tablet users out there to control htpc?

I have seen some nice tablets under 300 dollars. I would prefer to spend no more than 200 hundred dollars though. While xlobby is still my front end it can be control thru web base or client on a tablet.

what are you guys using for remote control?
larryep's Avatar larryep 07:11 PM 08-25-2011
larryep's Avatar larryep 05:38 PM 11-21-2011

Uploaded with

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larryep's Avatar larryep 10:05 AM 09-13-2012
larryep's Avatar larryep 03:27 AM 06-28-2013
larryep's Avatar larryep 05:47 AM 12-08-2013
running the 4810 for 4 months in a enclosed space with quiet fan mentioned above. have not had any issues. Projector is sticking out from drywall cubbie by 4 inches. The only downside of having a projector in a enclosure is accessing connections. I use male to female hdmi's for oppo and chromecast. male to female 3.5 cable for ir connection

using old projector spot {which is right above jvc 4810} for battery backup ir and hdmi connections and potential darbee 5000.

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