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larryep's Avatar larryep 09:35 PM 11-08-2005
Hello fellow forum HT builder

I started this basement project about 4 months ago and it is going pretty good. There is alot left to do. Thought I would share some pictures.

The basement will have bedroom, kitchenette,bathroom,game room, Home theater and lobby.

renders from c4d
the unstable testing chair

looking thru theater and into lobby

some images are poor!

left,center and right speaker conduit

larryep's Avatar larryep 09:57 PM 11-08-2005
rear of theater with the horn of plenty. outlet boxes that is.

equipment room

chinadog's Avatar chinadog 05:54 AM 11-09-2005
Good job and good luck. Finally someone with cleaner floors than me! Are you planning to do the drywall? What are your dimensions? Looks like there is an entrance on the left front?

larryep's Avatar larryep 09:41 PM 11-09-2005
hello chinadog
thank you.
one day i will be doing the drywall.
the room is 21.5 ft. by 14.5 ft.
the opening is the entrance to the theater. I will put drapes between walls. very thick lightblocking drapes. Possible motorized.

columns will be in and outside the theater. 6 total in the theater. they will be just for the look. No speakers or sconces.
larryep's Avatar larryep 09:43 PM 11-09-2005
the floors will get real cruddy when mudding begins. It is hard to be neat with that stuff.
larryep's Avatar larryep 05:34 PM 12-27-2005
an update

larryep's Avatar larryep 05:38 PM 12-27-2005
green glue yesssssssssss

larryep's Avatar larryep 05:48 PM 12-27-2005
some basement pic
looking from sliding glass door

looking outside the theater

beginnng stages of husebox

lmunz22's Avatar lmunz22 06:14 PM 12-27-2005
Wow! Very nice looking! There were definitely a lot of electrical boxes on that back wall!
chinadog's Avatar chinadog 06:14 PM 12-27-2005
Looking good Larry! Looks like you're right on my tail. See, told ya!

larryep's Avatar larryep 06:18 PM 12-27-2005
man china dog It is alotttt of work.
Doing the drywall in theater so I can finish the framing of tray(inspired by your tray) front speaker stages,rise for back row and other small jobs.

then there is the rest of the basement to drywall!
larryep's Avatar larryep 06:22 PM 12-27-2005
o yeah ceiling drywall hung by myself with the 3 hand method. That is the way to use your head. and the help of 2x4's supportting one side.
chinadog's Avatar chinadog 06:25 PM 12-27-2005
Sure is a lot of work, but very statisfying and saving a few bucks sure helps!

larryep's Avatar larryep 06:30 PM 12-27-2005
your not kidding.

when you do it yourself changes can be made on the fly without much difficulty.
color of paint ,molding type and etc.
larryep's Avatar larryep 06:39 PM 12-27-2005
who can answer this ?
who's theater am i using as a reference. the reference theater is hanging on doorway opening as you come into my theater.

for a million dollars the winner is!
chinadog's Avatar chinadog 07:20 PM 12-27-2005
Well, I saved one of your pictures and blew it up, but it's too damn blurry to tell..

Milt99's Avatar Milt99 07:32 PM 12-27-2005
You are far too clean.
You say you are diying but I think you've got a crew of Oom-Pah-Loom-Pahs.
Looks great!
larryep's Avatar larryep 02:07 PM 12-28-2005
regarding that picture, I think the owner will spot it. I should also thank him and all you guys for your info to help me on my way to finishing this theater.
thnaks again

thanks Milt99

I try to keep the work area clean. It makes it easier to fine that dropped screw or nail. Those can add up to BIG BUCKS!

i don't know about you guys but I think i have a record for dropped stuff. One thing that i find important is to tool up and retool for different jobs. I use one ladder for tools another for climbing.
larryep's Avatar larryep 08:10 PM 12-31-2005
beginnig of 90 sec. render with help of cinema 4D

swithey's Avatar swithey 04:41 AM 01-01-2006

Looking good. Keep those pics coming
larryep's Avatar larryep 07:14 AM 01-01-2006
thankyou swithey.
61 flat-top's Avatar 61 flat-top 08:00 AM 01-01-2006
Looks good~!.... Did you insulate the walls or what are you planning on using for sound treatment?
larryep's Avatar larryep 09:04 AM 01-01-2006
61 flat-top
thank you

sound treatment after the theater is built. nice shaped sectionals to give the theater a design element .the basement and theater has angles and triangluar shapes.. After the columns go up i will put sound treatment on those.

larryep's Avatar larryep 11:38 AM 01-08-2006
installing tray went pertty good. used finishing nails to hold up the frame. i don't have a magnetic tip so very little dab of liquid nail on the end of a 3 inch screw holds the screw to the tip of bit. Freeing up a hand while attaching frame to wall.

larryep's Avatar larryep 11:47 AM 01-08-2006
stage and some column pics

Brian OC's Avatar Brian OC 12:38 PM 01-08-2006
Nice theater Larry. I like the angled columns! I also like the trick of clamping the levels to the light tray. I'm going to build a similar tray to drop a rope light into and will have to remember that! Keep the pics coming!

swithey's Avatar swithey 07:48 PM 01-08-2006

I like the angled columns also. I can't wait to see how they turn out!
chinadog's Avatar chinadog 07:25 AM 01-09-2006
Hey Larry,

Pretty cool. Is that the doorway to the theater? Did you plan on putting a door on it? The columns are cool as well.

larryep's Avatar larryep 10:49 AM 01-09-2006
thanks guys for the compliments

That will be the opening to the theater. It will not have a door, just one or two very thick curtains in wall possibly motorized I have an outlet waiting in the wings just for that scenario. there will also be 2 columns outside the theater mirroring the 2 inside the theater.

after I built the columns it reminds me of the monster in the old bugs bunny cartoon that ran through all the walls leaving his body shape in every wall.

do you guys thinks i should put installation in the voids of the columns?

swithey's Avatar swithey 11:28 AM 01-09-2006
Originally Posted by larryep View Post

do you guys thinks i should put installation in the voids of the columns?



My gut tells me it won't matter either way because they are such small spaces. BUT (there is always one of those), while the column is open, you might was well do it. It won't take much material at all to stuff them tight.

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