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GrantOv's Avatar GrantOv
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08-16-2006 | Posts: 192
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Since there are regular postings about how people handle there rack I thought I'd share my solution. My theater was not new construction. In order to accomodate the rack size I needed I realized I wouldn't have rear access. The pull out racks Middle Atlantic make are nice but I thought maybe I'd try something less expensive to see if it works. Its not as easy but I put the majority of my amps and equipment on slides. It was a bit of a struggle but once I got everything lined up and found a nice long screwdriver I was able to secure the slides in place. I built my cabinets extra deep at 28" and my slides are 26" therefore when they are out - I have at least 12" of working room behind them. I figured I saved at least $1000 for each side for a little extra work on my part.

Some other issues - heat. I bought cabinet door frames only. Instead of glass I stapled some of my wall fabric. Air flows freely through them and I have two top fan units circulating hot air out. I can feel the hot air coming through the fabric when the doors are shut. One other benefit is that IR can pass through this fabric. The fabric isn't GOM so I'm not sure if this is unique to my fabric.

My first picture is prior to cleaning my cables up but I didn't get a clip of them with thier nice service loop all tie wrapped in. I also threw in a picture of my front so you can get an idea of my front screen area. The area to the left of the screen is storage, under the screen is storage, below the speaker grill cloth are 3- 28x48" drawers for media.

One last thought - I have some smoke plexiglass coming to cover up that ugly silver DVR from DISH. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

My rack strategy might not work for everyone but it worked for me and I'm pretty happy with the results. By the way - still waiting for seating. Soon, very soon I'm told.

Toxarch's Avatar Toxarch
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08-17-2006 | Posts: 3,643
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Looks very clean with everything in its place. Very nice design.

You could wrap the wood part of the doors with fabric to hide them a little more if that's an issue for you. But with the lights off I doubt you will ever notice them.
GrantOv's Avatar GrantOv
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08-17-2006 | Posts: 192
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Yes, I thought about that but they really aren't as shiny as they look in the pictures. The flash really bounces. In regular lighting they look much more flat.

Thanks for the complement,
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08-17-2006 | Posts: 192
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Very nice.
accts4mjs's Avatar accts4mjs
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08-18-2006 | Posts: 842
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Wow, yeah, that is really nice!! I like your room decor as well. The lights and sconces especially.

Gene Simmons's Avatar Gene Simmons
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08-18-2006 | Posts: 49
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Very mean looking rack! Almost a shame to cover her with doors! Great job!
GrantOv's Avatar GrantOv
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08-20-2006 | Posts: 192
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Thanks for the 'nice rack' comments. I take the compliment better than my wife. I also like showing them off more than she does. If it were up to me they'd be uncovered for all to see.

Can you tell she's not a reader?

3space's Avatar 3space
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03-27-2007 | Posts: 32
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Nice job, funny rack comments!

I like several things about your solution, the two things I like most being the nice look, and the slide-out being for each component individually (am I seein that correctly?). Using this strategy, the torque on the back brackets is a lot less. No problems with 26" extension of a 50lb device say (i.e. 108ft-lbs of torque)? Can you give any more detail on exactly what parts you used?

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