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Actually this isn't entirely a response to this question. It is another question and some relevant info to this post. I had my LR/DR and hallway nail pops fixed and the whole thing primed a year and a half ago. Several of the walls felt damp for almost 2 months. They did 2 coats. They used Behr primer, which did not even cover pencil marks completely, and looked to be watered down. Still almost 2 years later, if I put the blue delicate tape on the wall in a lot of spots, the paint pulls up. If I lean a heavy picture against the wall and leave it for a couple of days the same thing happens, and the paint will usually pull of the wall in that case.

]Any suggestions as to what I can do about this?[ My assumption is from other posts, that they did not clean the drywall dust off the wall. Perhaps did not sand the whole wall either. My gut feeling is, I need to sand the entire wall, clean up dust, and reprime. This was a reputable company who specializes in drywall. BTW I have only used one other Behr paint, and was not happy with it. Outdoor paint with Primer used on my shed. Used 2 coats. It turns white when scratched. For example, where I have Christmas Lights up. I know others swear by Behr, but give me my Kilz and Valspar.
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I paint ots, not entire surfaces... but I use blue tape. I've had the paint come off twice on job sites, and both times the homeowner said that thy were having that problem all over the house. One said that the Pinter had used a cheap primer and the other int know why.

From reading these answers already given... my opinion is worth nothing, but I'm lending towards chep primer and/or dust on the walls.

I'll be painting withing a week, so this thread has been helpful.

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I'm a snob when it comes to everything in life (beer, food, electronics, tools, etc.) and I'm no different with paint. High quality paint helps, and low tack tape and removing it ASAP.

We've abandoned tape on any paint we've done recently. My hands are too unsteady, but SWMBO it pretty good at freehanding all the borders. I've never seen a pro use tape. wink.gif
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Using a double-sided tape on a painted ceiling may have two to three drawbacks, which people are not really familiar with. One, it may fall off when you really don't want it to or it may stick extremely good, in case you want to remove it. The best way to resolve the issue and prevent paint from being peeled off when you remove the tape from the ceiling is to use painter's tape. The painter's tape is really thin and can easily be peeled off from the surface of the ceiling.
However, as it may occasionally peel off the paint as well, so the best option to apply painter's tape is to rinse the area with soapy water before you actually apply the tape. Then, wash the area with clean water and let it dry. After you see that the area is completely dry, apply the painter's tape and the next time you try to take it off, hopefully you won't peel off the paint.
One of our painters at Go To Painting said that if you have already peeled the paint off, you can try painting that small spot. However, the color difference may be obvious and in such cases, you need to fill the hole before you paint that small area. After you have filled the area, the best you can do is to add a few layers of smooth paint coating.
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Resurrected thread

Don't over load the tape with paint. Keep it thin. As soon as your done painting while the paint is still wet, I remove the tape.

My build thread: The Unprofessional Build

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I recently had this happen, and it only happened in places where I had applied joint compound to the drywall. After consulting a few experts, the consensus was that the mud wasn't completely cured, even though it had been 24 hours.
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I have had this happen a couple of times.

1/ On precast plaster cornice, probably has a residual coating of release compound from the mould.
2/ When painting directly over base coat (where the top coat has been sanded down too far to the base coat). Base coat is such a hard and much less porous surface than the top coat - ie: less absorbtion and adhesion.

I am sure that cheapo materials and paint also contribute to the problem.

I have also read that with regards to taping, either remove the tape as soon as the paint has gone off, or, wait for it to fully dry and cure - say 1 week +.
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