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10-04-2007 | Posts: 2,889
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I finished my basement and made a hollow box wall drywall finished with openings and shelves to hold my projection tv, front/center channels and subwoofer (under the tv) and also a component shelf. It turned out pretty good everything is flush with the face of the wall.

My problem is the cut out openings in the wall, I want to cover them with homemade grills, the front L/R speakers are fairly large so the openings are large and I have an opening for the subwoofer and center channel as well.

What is the best way to make grills. Initially I bought some audio grill fabric online and made wood frames but they just aren't doing it for me. It looks ok but I want a cleaner look.

The grills need to be white (frames and fabric), and the subwoofer grill circular, the others rectangular.

Any ideas?
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