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rdodean's Avatar rdodean 02:18 PM 05-25-2011
$1313.85 shipped! I came across a projector online and was wondering if anybody has experience with this unit. Here are the specs....not sure how much lumens is 180 nit


Item specifics:
Resolution: XGA,support 1080P
Projection Distance: 1m~6m
Contrast Ratio: 500:1
Style: LCOS
Type: Polarized 3D projector
Color Gamut: 120%
polarization degree: 1000:1
Description: Lossless Lumen polarized 3D technology
3D Brightness:180 nit @100" with beta2.5
3D degree of polarization: >=1000:1 (No crosstalk ,No flicker)
3D contrast: >=1000:1
projection diagonal: 45" ~200"
bulb Life time:>=20000 hours
input: 2*VGA(RGB)
power: 12V,96W
Resolution:1024*768, support 1920*1080
support HD 3D, notebook 3D, 3D game and so on
you can easily enjoy 3D not to change your OS or video card

Lee Stewart's Avatar Lee Stewart 02:56 PM 05-25-2011
rdodean's Avatar rdodean 03:08 PM 05-25-2011
Thanks Lee...that explained it!
almostinsane's Avatar almostinsane 06:42 PM 05-25-2011
lol made by Liying!
rdodean's Avatar rdodean 10:09 PM 05-25-2011
yeap! i know, right...
curtishd's Avatar curtishd 08:23 AM 05-26-2011
Interesting. So who is going to try it out?
defiancecp's Avatar defiancecp 12:59 PM 05-26-2011
$1300 for XGA? No thanks. I can do a dual-projector 720p and 3d-xl plus polarized filters for that - maybe less. Not to mention it'll be the right aspect ratio (this one is native 4:3). And I'll recognize the brands.

Also, if I'm doing my math right, that's 52.5 fL at 100" screen. I don't know if there's a "hard" conversion to lumens, but looking at my hd66 with 2800 lumens, it does fL on a 100" screen, so that puts it something like 1800-2000 lumens. I wonder if that's a pre-filter or post-filter rating... lol@ "lossless lumen" 3d tech. If a product claims to defy physics that's usually a bad sign
gain3 02:10 PM 05-27-2011
Uh 2x 60hz.
rdodean's Avatar rdodean 05:59 PM 05-28-2011
I got a video feed from the seller of projector powered on displaying avatar 3d and it does not look too shabby. One thing though the projector requires dual input L/R source....so no go for me. They claim that August they will come out with a single HDMI 1.4 input and true 720p/ 1280x720. Here's the link to see the unit in use: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjU0NDAwMDEy.html
cybereality's Avatar cybereality 03:41 PM 05-29-2011
Interesting. Thanks for the link.
3DGURU4Life's Avatar 3DGURU4Life 07:07 PM 03-14-2012
dude, check out the passive polarized edition optoma HD33 and the polarized epson 5010 they rock!
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