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Ikari Warrior's Avatar Ikari Warrior 12:36 PM 01-14-2012
I agree with that, I have the M series 55" and there is light bloom all over the place, you can distinctly see the 16 zones. I'm surprised you didn't go with the E series 47" to hold you over, it has passive 3d, VIA, and a really great picture too. Sometimes i wish i had stuck with that set instead of selling it for the 55", normal LCD seems better than edge lit in my experience, the blacks may be deeper but the blooming is disctacting and if you turn dimming off you see the clouding and edge bleed. The new Westinghouse sets look great too so I'm sure you'll be happy!

prioris's Avatar prioris 12:05 PM 01-16-2012
>I'm surprised you didn't go with the E series 47" to hold you over, it has passive 3d, VIA, and a really great picture too.

I was trying to get rock bottom price but quality picture. E series would have cost lot more money. westinghouse had the biggest screen for least amount. everything else was much higher cost where i could start rationalize getting an XVT553SV instead.

on the westinghouse, i get no blooming, no prominent edge light zones and really deep blacks. i am awed i got this for what i paid for it.

it's a tv one can't go wrong. reviews on this tv are pretty accurate. anybody who didn't get good picture has defective tv. they had top brand name sets right next to it and the 2D picture was just a good as $900+ sets. i would always buy a warranty with any tv.

on low cost sets, i would only buy them from a store nearby. sending the tv back eats up lots of profit margin because of low cost. then there is the aggravation and time of waiting for another one. by buying local, one can drive back to store and exchange it for another tv pretty quickly even the same day. so not worried about any problems. a 46 inch will almost fit in back seat
RaceK2's Avatar RaceK2 03:48 PM 02-17-2012
Hmm, according to Vizio's website, the 65, 55 and 47 inch M3D-SR's are all out of stock, plus the 47" and 55" non-3D models for that matter. Walmart doesn't have any of the 55" M3D models left either though there still seems to be some 47" in their supply chain.

I've been waiting, like you all, for a good passive set from Vizio for what seems like over a year!

Hopefully all the Out of Stock symbols on their websites mean some new sets are about to drop.

Has anyone heard some new news from any suppliers/vendors??
samendolaro's Avatar samendolaro 06:47 AM 03-07-2012
Vizio tried to sneak this under the radar..

Looks like All Google+ sets are delayes until 4th quarter and they have cancelled ALL full array backlights. Edge Lit only for n ow on.
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