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trackmaster1's Avatar trackmaster1 03:16 PM 02-29-2012
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brinyhenry's Avatar brinyhenry 08:58 AM 03-03-2012
Originally Posted by trackmaster1 View Post


I notice these are now becoming available at Best Buy etc. Does anyone have any real world experience with these yet?
Walk_Good's Avatar Walk_Good 09:35 AM 03-03-2012
/me likes that 84LM9600, makes my 5700 LG look like a toy :/
THe_Flash's Avatar THe_Flash 11:45 AM 03-03-2012
Do we have a release date for the 72" or 84"?
TonyDP's Avatar TonyDP 02:06 PM 03-03-2012
This isn't a complete list; Best Buy's website also has several other LED models (LM series I believe) which appear to be updates to the LW series from 2011.
trackmaster1's Avatar trackmaster1 03:01 PM 03-03-2012
models are available at amazon, vanns, jr.com and pauls tv these are the lm6200 and lm6700. the dual 3d game play on a single screen sounds great
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