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I am really interested in your thoughts concerning the question mentioned above. I own an Optoma HD33 Full HD 3D Beamer, a Sony HMZ-T1 and a Samsung 2233rz 22” 3D monitor.

When I got my HMZ-T1 first I felt like being in heaven and instantly prefered the Sony HMZ over my Optoma HD33 projector (although Full-HD 3D gaming is only possible in 720p due to the HDMI/Nvidia 3D TV limitations).
I absolutely love the huge picture, the rich colours and the true black of my HMZ-T1 and I also modded the device so I can wear it comfortably for hours.
Being an absolute 3D-enthusiast I also love the flawless ghosting-free 3D on the HMZ in conjunction with the sheer size of the screen.
I really thought the HMZ would be my final choice concerning 3D immersion.

Unfortunately the HMZ-T1 has one big downside for me. Concerning 3D I am all about good depth and pop-out effects in particular. When I play a game on my 22” Samsung 2233rz 3D-monitor (consider that model being one of the very first 120Hz 3D monitors with excessive ghosting) I just can’t help but I witness a much more stunning 3D experience. Since that old 3D monitor is just 22” I don’t have the huge HMZ-picture-size but somehow the WOW-factor especially in the pop-out department is just bigger.

Much has been said about the HMZ having less pop-out and we all know that this is just due to the fact that the HMZ-picture doesn’t have a clearly identifiable frame from which objects that come towards you would be percepted as pop-outs. So while the pop-out is there you just don’t identify it as such because your eyes have no frame they could reference to. On the one hand this is positive because the HMZ really puts you into the action, so you experience a very natural 3D effect. But on the other hand – as many other users – I miss the WOW factor because I really love those pop-out effects.

I spent hours to convince me of the superiority of the HMZ 3D taking the rich colours, the huge screen the natural 3D and all that into account but I can’t help…..the “monitor 3D” with all its pop-out and glorious depth perception (yes I already did the 3D Vision depth hack for the HMZ to get more separation) impresses me more.

I am really contemplating now if a 3D-Vision-Surround Setup could be the right choice for me. I know it is really expensive but I think that could really be the most immersive way to enjoy 3D today. Sitting really close to 3 X 27” 3D monitors should even come close to the HMZ in the perceived picture-size department. In all other aspects (ok, it will not be totally ghosting free) the experience should surpass the HMZ 3D experience. I would be able to game in 1080p 3D, I would get those amazing depth- and pop-out effects the HMZ is lacking and the grade of immersion should also match the HMZ if not even surpassing it due to the 3 monitors that literally surround you.

To cut a long story short: Is there anyone here who has experienced one of the HMDs (Sony HMZ-T1 or SMD 1080) AND who has also seen a 3D Vision Surround Setup in action.

Which one wins overall and why?
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Originally Posted by lohan0903 View Post

When I got my HMZ-T1 first I felt like being in heaven and instantly prefered the Sony HMZ over my Optoma HD33 projector.
You would be much much better off ceiling mounting the HD33 in a batcave at a distance that will give you at least a 150" screen and watch it at a distance of around 13' from the screen.
This will give your eyes a 3D view of a size that no displays at that pricepoint will get you in terms of immersion or pop-out effect.

Originally Posted by lohan0903 View Post

Sitting really close to 3 X 27” 3D monitors should even come close to the HMZ in the perceived picture-size department.
Very very not recommended for the strain it will put on your eyes as monitors are not meant to be viewed that close even if its physically possible to do it.
You need to watch a big screen from a shorter distance to get the same effect "properly" as in, without ruining your eyesight, hence my first post above.

I myself am thinking of getting the ST1080 once some reviews come in confirm the absence of the problems on the initial units but the HD33 was my primary before I switched over to the ST1080 and I did that ONLY because its easier to integrate into my current setup while the HD33, which is easy for me to get cheaper in Canada, would need a lot of woodworking to get mounted underneath my Mitsi HD1000U DLP.

HTH smile.gif
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