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vinnychase's Avatar vinnychase 12:14 AM 08-19-2012
Purchased this tv during the promotion with free surround system from amazon 2 months ago. ($1,974 bucks)

TV came in with no problems. Noticed a few issues i can live with live every once in awhile tv reboots on its own maybe 3 or 4 times a day. With a black screen, when you move pointer on magic remote you see that area turns grey (lights turn on in that section).

Well this is my first HD TV (not counting rear projection tv). I love the features like play usb drive from tv itself, ton of inputs, and polarized glasses.

The problem is, everything working fine for 1 week. No other problems. Went on vacation for 7 days, unplugged tv due to no surge protector yet. Left AC on. Came back home and seen TV was cracked all away across the middle of screen.

Can not uderstand what happened, how did it crack. I unplugged from wall even though power never went out. House stayed around 78* while i was away. I usually turn off the AC while i am working away for 14 days at a time. 65" Rear projector is working fine and after 8 years never cracked due to heat.

I would like to get another tv but scared this may happen again. Maybe it was a hairline crack? How can it just crack on its own. Can anyone recomand a different tv with polarized glasses, smart tv, play hard drive from usb on tv, and has to have Plex, and browser for streaming sites.

Really like this TV even with the flaws. But i have nothing to compare it to. I am sure there is better. My price range is around $2,500 and 55" as this will be bedroom tv.

walford's Avatar walford 11:11 AM 08-21-2012
Was anyone in your home while you were gone?
Any earthquakes in your area?
Is the TV wall mounted or on a stand?
GEP's Avatar GEP 12:47 PM 08-22-2012
Spontaneous cracking is exceedingly rare. It has to be less than 1 in several hundred of thousands. So low that it is not a problem even on the “cheapest crap” units and LG is not in the “cheapest crap” category. Cracking for a specific cause, usually outside influences (such as some form of abuse or incorrect handling) are even rare but that condition has happened. By any chance has a game controller (such as a Wii controller) hit the TV? That may have created a small defect that got bigger in time (like some car windshields that have cracks grow around a spot where a rock nicked the glass).
vinnychase's Avatar vinnychase 03:49 PM 08-25-2012
on the org stand. Top of dresser / bed foot board.
No earthquakes, I live in Louisiana
No video equipment in bed room.
No one in the house, no one else has a key.

Amazon said they had a lot of these models returned from cracking on its own. Said LG is aware of it. They had no problem / issues for giving me a refund. I see they are selling a used one around $1,200 thinking about trying my luck again
Chica17's Avatar Chica17 09:32 AM 09-01-2012
Hi Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need your suggestions...

I was almost finalized to Purchase LG L8600. However now I am thinking to go for LM9600. Which one is the best choice. I know the price is major difference, which i do not care much.

I am lil confused when I read CNET review for LM9600. IS that some thing which can be ignored??? Pls give your suggestions.....
walford's Avatar walford 10:31 AM 09-01-2012
Looking at a picture of the TV and its stand I beleive that the metal support for the bottom of the screen, which is only supported at two points, is not strong enough to keep the screen fromn dropping at the ends and the stress caused by this lack of support is what causes the screen to crack. I suspect that when wall mounted this TV does not have the cracking problem.
vinnychase's Avatar vinnychase 03:13 PM 09-01-2012
I Pulled the trigger and but a used one. Maybe i will have better luck 2nd time around. $1,200 for 55lm8600 with 1 year square trade warranty. Could not let that pass. Could always send back if damaged. Amazon warehouse deals.
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