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simple33's Avatar simple33 02:14 PM 11-18-2012
I just bought an LG 47LM6400 Smart TV and have problems watching video through the Web browser. I can stream Netfix shows with no problems, but when I try to view Utube or CBS shows I get constant buffering and freezing. A Macintosh computer connected to the same FIOS hardwired 50 MBPS connection has no such problems so I don't see how it's an internet problem.

I called LG and they say they can send a technician but if it's not the TV they will charge me $89 - and they said it can still be my internet connection even though the computer works fine.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

consumer72's Avatar consumer72 06:42 AM 01-24-2013
I have LG55LM6400. I have same problem and I have called LG showed them the issue by playing LG blue ray player running on different TV playing the same play list on youtube without bufferring. they have replaced the mother board but issue remains unfixed. Still waiting to hear from them. 3 calls have been made after that.
I think it is design flaw and can't be fixed even by changing motherboard. I hoping to get a replacement with different model or refund
simple33's Avatar simple33 01:55 PM 01-24-2013
If this is a design problem you would think more people would have reported it. I researched the daylights out of this TV and not one review complained about internet buffering problems.I don't understand it.
Steventellet 05:11 PM 07-12-2014
I have had that problem also, we returned it because of it.
simple33's Avatar simple33 06:31 PM 07-12-2014
I think the whole TV is a disaster. It takes forever to bring up the menus, it's like an old computer taking forever to boot. I gave up on using the TV to watch internet based programs, I stream them from a MAC.
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